Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270 Review

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Today’s review is all about a navy blue eye pencil from Deborah Milano. I quite like their colourful eye pencils and eyeliners and they’re affordable too. If you wish to add a little glam to your eyes these pencils are a must-have in your vanity. Let’s read more to find out about this eye pencil.

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270 Review

Price: INR 525
Product Description:
Formulated to leave a perfectly defined, long-lasting line. The silky-soft pencil glides on effortlessly, ensuring flawless, smudge-free results. The pigment-rich formulation contains silicone resins for superb colour that stays put and resists fading all day long and well into the night. Ophthalmologist tested. The 24ore waterproof eye pencils are also safe for contact lens wearers. Keep Away from children, Keep in cold places.

My Experience with Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270:

I got this pencil a year ago. I enjoyed using these eyeliners a lot in the initial days and later got bored of them. I didn’t even remember I had these until I finally sorted my makeup stash. I used to enjoy applying this navy blue eyeliner to my lower lash line and many people would even complement me for the look earlier.

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270 Packaging

If you experiment even a little with your eye makeup and add a hint of colour, people will surely notice the difference. These eye pencils are easily available online on e-commerce sites as well as in stores, so you can go grab one for yourself.

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The packaging of the pencil is very simple and convenient to use. You can choose a shade for yourself from this range by looking at the colour at the bottom of the pencil. Also, they have a code number for each shade and if you remember the number ‘270’ you’ll be able to pick up this beautiful navy blue shade for yourself.

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270 Shade Number

The shade looks lovely upon application. It is quite pigmented and has a slight sheen to it. It may suit all kinds of skin tones and may complement fair and medium tones better. You can use this both as an eyeliner or as a kajal.

The texture is so creamy that it gets blunt often with a couple of usages. It glides smoothly on the skin and the tip of the pencil doesn’t prick at all. It is completely safe to use and has been tested by dermatologists. You can also colour your eyelids completely with this one and make it look like you’ve applied a blue eyeshadow.

Eye Pencil 270

If you wish to create a double winged eyeliner you can add a hint of colour by sketching this shade right below the winged eyeliner. It all depends on your creative mind and how you wish to play with this shade. Since the texture is nice and smooth you’ll not face any problem during application.

I also like applying this one to my lower lash line and pairing this one with my usual black eyeliner. This way, it looks gorgeous. In case I plan to wear a darker shade of blue like this I try reaching out for this one to complement the outfit. I am glad this doesn’t smudge and doesn’t smear from the corners. The only issue with this one is that it isn’t waterproof.

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270 Swatches

Though it claims to be waterproof it fades completely when it comes in contact with water. But the staying power is better than other Deborah Milano eyeliners. This one stays for good 7 to 8 hours after which it fades a little. Overall, I pretty much like this one for its quality and performance. I know the price range is low but it should come with a cardboard packaging and a sharpener.

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270 EOTD

Pros of Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270:

• The texture is smooth.
• Glides easily.
• Safe to use and doesn’t cause any irritation to the eyes.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Pretty shade of navy blue with a little sheen.
• Looks lovely after application.
• Pigmented.
• Doesn’t smudge or smear.
• You can create a lot of looks using this pencil.
• Complements fair and medium skin tones.
• Staying power.
• Affordable.

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270 Eye Swatch

Cons of Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270:

• Not waterproof.
• Very basic packaging.
• Wish it came with a sharpener.
• Wish they provided a cardboard box.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend Deborah Milano 24 Ore Eye Pencil 270?

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