Deborah Milano 24 Ore Lip Liner Shade 221

Deborah Milano 24 Ore Lip Liner Shade 221


A lip pencil with a soft consistency for outlining the lips with the utmost precision.
Ultra long lasting colour.
Dermatologist tested.

Use it both for outlining the lips and as a base to intensify the lipstick color.

I bought this online at lesser for around 300 but in the stores these are for 450 which I feel is super overpriced. Hence I felt the need to share this with everyone.I dont think the price is right for these as find them average, yes the extra lip pencils are smooth and smudge proof but what is the big deal about these I have no clue, then there is another regular lip pencil which is 400! not justified!


This one I picked up is a dark brown, yes the darkest in my collection but I am in a serious lip pencil phase so I thought for the price it will be super creamy but it is pretty regular.The pencil is not named, only numbered, which is another pain.


The pencil is pretty long, longer than the new creamy Lakme ones, in texture initially they feel hard but later with warmth of swiping the pencil it gets better, with more sharpening it feels even smoother, but on its own it is not a super creamy or anything kind of pencil, it is just average.


It stays on but is not smudge proof honestly but it is hard and helps the lipstick to stay with in lip lines, it helps to shape lips but the color is so dark that I need to really conceal the color with the lipstick, I think this might tug if you have dry or flaky lips. The color is too dark to fill in the lips and use as a base to a brown lipstick may be mix and match can be done


Can you see the granules on the tip,me no likey!

Overall very average and overpriced,at least this shade, and the color is not very functional either.

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  1. agree about the functionality part…and i have dry lips so *nonono* *nonono* missing the lip swatch today *hihi* *hihi*

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