Deborah Milano Black + Long Mascara Review

Skin Tone: Medium light with cool pink undertones
Skin Type: Combination

Hello, ladies!
I am glad to be reviewing an eye makeup product today, especially because I am a fan of mascaras. I am always busy exploring them, and this time, it is the ‘Black + Long’ from Deborah Milano.
Deborah Milano Black Long Mascara Review

495 INR/ 8.50 euros for 9 ml

Shelf Life:
3 years and 12 months after usage

Product Description:
Mascara formulation for incredibly long and amazingly black lashes. Special carbon Black Complex makes eyes irresistibly seductive. Ophthalmologist tested.

My Experience with Deborah Milano Black + Long Mascara:

I had ordered this mascara online and I do not know whether my mascara was fromt he old stock; also, the packaging looks comparatively old. So far my online purchases have turned out to be alright for me but this one although sealed, the comparative shelf life of the mascara, I feel impacted this mascara’s performance.

Packaging: The mascara comes in a simple black plastic tube with the lid having a rubbery imprint of ‘Deborah Milano’s logo on it. It is travel-friendly. This sturdy tube’s wand has nothing special about it, therefore in a way it simple to use. Use all your tricks that you implement with your regular mascara wands. The tube contains basic product specification like the quantity, shelf life and price but I see an arrow mark that directs you to an ingredient list which I cannot find. So that is another loop.


Color: The color of this mascara was thankfully not grey-black. Like you can see in the swatch, it is a stand out pro in a basic black mascara you look for. I secretly hope for them to look the richest of rich black but then I think such mascaras would suit better to even out your look while using false lashes. For an everyday and decently priced mascara, this color works out for me.

Consistency and Finish: The consistency of this mascara was disappointing as it did not do any good with just the way it came out. I had to work my way through it since I had the product in hand. After all the efforts and fine tuning the mascara’s wand, I am almost done with this one as I majorly use this mascara to give the ‘natural no makeup look’ to my eyes.

I even out the color gently with the wand as you can; this wand and the product settling can lead to a mess. I carefully do it and go for a tinted lip balm or a subtle colored lipstick like my recent purchase that is ‘Rosewood Nonchalant’ from L’Oreal. The final finish this mascara renders (with efforts and time) is natural-looking, long and lovely lashes that would last a while.


Drying power and staying power: The drying power is annoyingly slow especially when you’re in a rush. My excitement to try this product gave me clarity about the slow drying power. Even to come with a simple EOTD, I stumbled a lot with this one as there were constant problems with drying and when I curled my lashes, the lashes beautifully stuck to each other. The staying power is low-mediocre depending on reapplications and how you use it.

The staying power is good for brief casual outings or for everyday office purposes. If you apply it in the morning, it is likely to last till noon only. If you are careful with reapplications, it would be smooth else I would say skip it and just go with the ‘natural look’. It does not highly smudge post application, so no worries there, although it is not smudge-proof. The main challenge with this mascara is application (*headbang*)!


Overall performance and usage: Works best and gives the desired look with two coats but you have to give the first coat some time to dry set. Also, go over your lashes in a vertical direction to get better length and curls. You can try this mascara trick especially with small tipped applicators to give you stand out curls and better length. The mascara is not flattering in anyway except that it is not too bad.


eye pic

Pros of Deborah Milano Black + Long Mascara:

• Packaging
• Travel-friendly, purse-friendly
• Color – black, although not the richest of rich kohl carbon black
• Affordable
• Can make any beginner’s good mascara
• The finish of this mascara is good for casual purposes with minimal or zero makeup
• A decent everyday mascara (with effort and time)
• Offers length and makes your lashes naturally lovely

Cons of Deborah Milano Black + Long Mascara:

• Does not live up to its claims
• Clumps and causes dry and flaky lashes (if layered too much)
• Takes time to dry
• Without an eyelash curler, the finish is worse
• With the second coat, it weighs down the lashes
• Not waterproof
• Not smudge-proof
• Low staying power

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Deborah Milano Black + Long Mascara?
No, I would not repurchase this one and I would recommend you to skip this mascara as you would not be missing much.

Does not offer “seductive lovely looking lashes” like it promises.

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