Deborah Milano Kajal #120

Deborah Milano Kajal #120

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My friend gifted me some cosmetics recently and this is one of them. After she showed me Deborah Milano kajal, my reaction was “why didn’t you check IMBB before? If you had, you wouldn’t have ordered these.” I had a bad experience with Deborah milano eye pencils in the past and I was pretty much sure this was going to be more or less the same. My friend who gifted me these, now checks IMBB before buying everything. 😛

Deborah Milano Kajal 120

Product description:

Create instant eye definition with this soft Kajal Pencil from Deborah. It leaves an ultra-deep colour giving your eyes a beautiful look. This easy to apply kajal pencil is safe to use outside and inside the lash line.


octyldodecyl stearoyl stearate, hydrogenated palm kernel glycerides, synthetic beeswax, cera carnauba, myristyl lactate, candelilla cera, isodecyl neopentanoate, mica, dimethiconol behenate, cera microcristallina, hydrogenated palm glycerides, polyglyceryl-2- oleate, sorbic acid, ethylparaben, BHT.


Rs. 250 for 1.5 grams

Shelf life 2 years and 8 months
Deborah Milano Kajal 120 (5)


My experience with Deborah Kajal :

The appearance of the eye pencil is like a regular kajal- black pencil with a silver cap; nothing special or bad about it. The way it works is exceptionally bad I feel.

The texture is not smooth to apply. You have to swipe its rough surface again and again. Even after that, its color pay-off is not at all up to the mark and you don’t get a clean finish. Now, the shade shown on the shopping site she ordered was blue, slightly darker than light blue. She knows I love blue liners, so she ordered this one. But when I used it, I found this is nowhere close to a  blue. In fact, it turned out to be a dull black. On close examination, you can see hints of navy blue, but it was completely different from the shade shown on the site.

It is not at all water proof or smudge-proof. It spreads all over your under-eye area within an hour. You could remove it with your finger also. Otherwise also, it is visible for hardly 2-3 hours an after that it smudges badly.
Deborah Milano Kajal 120
Sharpening this kajal is another mess. You have to be careful while sharpening or else some pointed ends might hurt your eyes. This does not happen with the smooth kajal pencil like the ones from Lakme. Though the product says it can be used inside the lash line that is the waterline, but it did sting my eyes a bit, not that sharply, but it did.
eye pencils
So this is a complete dud for me. After having used Maybelline liners and ikonic kajal/liners, I do not even want to look at this one. The only possible usage with this one is for creating smoky eyes. That is only for the ones like me who have already bought it, not that you should purchase it for that reason.

Positives of Deborah Milano kajal 120:

 Good packaging.
 Easily available online.
 Can be used for creating smoky eyes.
black kajal pencil


Negatives of Deborah Milano kajal 120:

 Color pay-off is not at all good.
 You have to rub it quite a lot many times to have a visible line.
 It does not give a clean finish.
 Does not glide on.
 The shade is dull and nowhere close to a light blue.
 Stings on the waterline.
Deborah Milano Kajal 120 swatch (2)
IMBB Rating: 1.5/5

WIil I recommend Deborah Kajal again?

Not at all. I would recommend you to buy Maybelline gel eyeliners or Lakme ones if you want in pencil form.

Good day fashion lovers.

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18 thoughts on “Deborah Milano Kajal #120

  1. Hahahaha *hihi* seriously rubbing the pencils over the eyes is the worst thing *cry* even i owned a few colour pencils and i had to rub them so much for the colour to be visible … threw them rofl rofl

    1. hehe… me canot do that even.. it was gifted na… *smug*
      but it works as a showpiece a few meters away from my daily use cosmetic products… *hihi* *hihi*

    1. same here.. i brought a lipstick and 24 ore liner from this range too.. all were dud… *headbang* *headbang*

  2. Oops.. that’s surely a dud.. I love Derborah Milano products but will never try this one *shock*

    Thanks for the good review btw! 🙂

  3. what a dud!! Is that what they call a kajal? *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *hunterwali*

    rofl rofl rofl on your conversation with your friend. 😀

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