Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil 112 Review

Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil 112

Hello Gals,

Today I am back with a review of another Deborah Milano eye pencil. The shade number is 112 and the shade description is Bronze with little gold flakes 😀 This is abeautiful shade. Let’s read further to know more about this product.

Price: Rs. 275

Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil 112 What the Company Says: A soft pencil that leaves ultra-deep color. Easy to blend in. Safe for use also inside the lashline

Ingredients: Not mentioned.

My experience with Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil 112:

In my last review I told you how IMBB introduced me to colored eyeliners. I am more inclined towards browns, black and bronze shades. It is a combination of bronze with golden flakes. It’s a beautiful shade and I have been using it regularly for more than one week now. I prefer this kind of shades for parties.

I applied it on my waterline and it didn’t stay on for an hour and was not even visible on application. Company says it is safe for use inside the lash line but I’ll say that it should be visible there first. I don’t think it is made for waterline or I would say that at least this shade is not meant for it. It was looking beautiful when applied on eyelids. This can be easily used as eye shadow as it is very smooth and creamy. I tried to have Smokey look with this pencil and seriously it was looking very beautiful.

Deborah Milan Kajal Pencil 112

The color pigmentation is not good and you need to apply it 2-3 times to get proper color. I don’t know why I am experiencing this problem with both the pencils. I have noticed the same problem with my chamber bronze-brown pencil as well. Not sure if these type of color doesn’t have good pay-offs

I have summarized all important points below:

Shade: 112 is a gorgeous metallic bronze color with light flecks of gold.
Texture: It is smooth and creamy. It glides easily on eyelids.
Intensity: This is not very intense. I need to swipe it 2-3 times on my eyelids to get the dark color
Smudge: It does smudge
Waterproof: It is not waterproof
Breakable: Tip breaks easily while sharpening and other wise too.
Sharpener: Sharpener is needed with this pencil.
Staying power: Is average and stays on my oily eyelids for some 3 hours and then fades slowly. This is not appropriate for lower lash line.
Removing: No hurdles while removing


Pros of Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil 112:

• Smooth and creamy texture
• Can be used as an Eyeshadow
• Can be easily removed with cleanser.
• Does not sting when used on water lines.
• Affordable

Cons of Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil 112:

• Average staying power
• It doesn’t show on waterline
• Pigmentation is not good.
• No sharpener with it.
• Not smudge proof.

Will I recommend/repurchase Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil – 112?

No, I don’t think so. I like the color a lot but then I would indulge in a pencil which stays for long. People who want to experiment and use it on their lids can buy it as it is very affordable and looks good on eyelid.

IMBB Rating: 3 out of 5

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