Deborah Milano Lip Liner Pencil – Shade 07

Deborah Milano Lip Liner Pencil Shade 07

A creamy lip pencil for defining and enhancing the lipline with the utmost precision.


INR 350

This lip liner today, is such a shade that I instantly jumped to buy it, but was I wrong in judging the creaminess, find out more here.

They have three range of lip pencil s, one is this regular line, then the 24ore lip liner and the extra pencil. the creamiest in this range is the extra pencils and they set as well but have all dark shades.then the 24 ore is regular creamy but the shades are awesome.This range from the regular line, is hard and nothing creamy at all, it is just functional. But then they have the best-est shades.This is the reason I picked up this one.
This pencil comes in a simple wooden form, average size but awesome color.the pencil is colored similar to the shade inside.The color is a bright looking coral shade, slightly orange but honestly on the lips it comes out a coral pink.The pencil is not at all creamy,the pencil is so functional that you can manage to get a simple line, nothing dark but yes you can see an outline.



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this might work on slightly moisturized lips.On dry lips this will tug especially if it is sharp.the color does not crumble or break, it is very average you will not be happy with the way it works, but the color is so impressive. It is not very hard or soft but the color makes me work with it.
The color will look awesome on all skin tones, anyone who likes coral pinks.This can be a great shade for day wear, for office and overall a great base for all lipsticks if you like.This will cover lip pigmentation if you make some effort to fill this average soft pencil on the lips.this will be very matte and can be drying too if worn alone. The pencil would not moisturize.It stays long enough like all lip liners and helps your lipsticks stay long as well.



IMBB rating:

2.5/5 Very average but the color is beautiful.

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