Deborah Milano Natural Effect Blush 05 Cherry Review

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Deborah Natural Effect Blush 05 Cherry

Blush with a soft and velvety texture. Featuring an innovative formula that ensures that the products blends in perfectly. Matte finish. Hypoallergenic.
Deborah Milano Natural Effect Blush 05 Cherry


INR 695

I got this from the Deborah milano counter from Pune central, there was so much to buy but the prices are really on the higher side, so I could not pick up much,they need to slash the prices a bit if they want us to try out their stuff, prices are way too much honestly. Anyway,
I am happy with the quality no doubt but inglot has blush refills for 400 which are equally good, would love to buy more Deborah during some sale 😛

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Deborah Natural Effect Blush 05 Cherry (8)9

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The blush is a goregous classic deeper pink, I had wanted to buy a lighter one than this one, but it was not in stock, since you need a light hand for such pigmented blushes and they might stand out on normal occasions hence I love lighter blushes which I can wear without having to worry and build them up if need be. This is a super pigmented soft textured matte blush.

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I am in love with it no doubt, it is matte but it has these almost invisible shimmer to it, you can call it a matte blush nevertheless. The blush is soft and so you need to pick up very very less, and then blending is the top priority, once you blend it it makes for an amazing pink, it can suit most complexions but very warm yellowy tones can avoid it.

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The blush stains almost 6-7 hours which I am happy about, on top of powder,on oily skin it would be lesser of-course and dry skin can enjoy prolonged staying power. The brush of course is useless.It is so rough that it scrapes out a lot of powder :/ throw it away asap. The blush is priced quite high,I have used blushes like these for lesser so that is the only con,the packaging is simple and you have to spoil your nails somtimes to open it, apart from that it is a good blush.

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If you are looking for a pink intense blush which can be used lightly as well as darker, matte with almost nil shimmer, willing to shell out 695, get it, it is an amazing blush.

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  1. it’s suchhhh a pretty color neha. 🙂 but why out such a crappy brush when they have priced the product so high *hunterwali* Good review as always 🙂

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