Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick #9 For Glossy Juicy Lips

Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick #9 For Glossy Juicy Lips

Hi Beauties,

Today, I am going to review a liquid lipstick, which I bought when I was not in the mood for buying anything. You know, when we are really in a mood, the shopping gets done in a jiffy; and even the God seem to favor us by showing some gorgeous products and shades. But when we are not in the mood, you may roam through the entire mall; without buying even a single product. Well, this was one of those unfortunate days for me; when I had only come to the mall so that my kid could play in the gaming zone. Well, when my hubby and kiddo really got started at the gaming zone (Smile!!!!)…. I was roaming about, and when the SA offered to try out this range on me; I listlessly picked up this shade. She applied it and it was wow, I immediately picked it up.

Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick

Product Description:

What could be more feminine, more seductive, than the most iconic of all cosmetic products – lipstick. Women have craved lusciously full and sensuous lips since time immemorial.The fabulous Milano red laque liquid lipstick is set to become a must-have cosmetic product.  Formulated for long-wearing colour, the liquid lipstick combines the comfort of a rich moisturiser with the slick sheen of lacquer. Liquid lacquer on your lips!Ingredients include Hydra-Gel Laque DH Complex, which releases a soft, lightweight film that instantly melts into lips. The formula is neither sticky nor drying because it contains water (around 30%) and plentiful hydrating oils and butters(around 50%), such as olive and Shea butter, for deep tissue hydration and sublime comfort. The pigment-rich formula leaves full, brilliant, fade-resistant colour. Hypoallergenic*.Delicate violet scent. *Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick


Outstanding quality plus stunning design and absolute functionality add up to packaging that’s bound to become a new make-up icon. Celebrated Italian designer Mario Trimarchi has given Milano Red laque lipstick the most stylish satin gold packaging featuring a clear window that allows the colour of the lipstick inside to shine through. What’s more, the ground-breaking “flocked” applicator picks up just the right amount of product for quick and even coverage. The slanted tip follows the lip shape, allowing the product to glide on effortlessly yet precisely.


Rs. 845/- for 6 ml product.

My Experience with Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick #9:

This is one of those lipstick shades; which can bring a smile even to the most listless and tired faces.  The product comes packaged in a beautiful golden color case; which is however light and a bit cheap looking. The packaging has a window in it, through which the lipstick shade can be identified easily. The lipstick comes with a doe-foot applicator, which fits on the lips quite precisely.

Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick

The lip stain has a medium consistency and a violet smell – a bit no-no for my nose. The stain glides on the lips, having a gel in liquid kind of feel. It gives a bit patchy coverage on one swipe; which can be built up to medium coverage. However, you need to really let the stain set on the lips for a few minutes, without pursing the lips; and this would take care of the patchiness. The gel-like formula covers all your lip lines and does not accentuate them at all. The lipstick, on the lips, does not tend to bleed at all.

The stain has a nice glossy look when freshly applied; which fades in 15-30 minutes to give a soft sheen to the lips. The formula does not feel overly hydrating or moisturizing.  However, it does not tend to cause any dryness of the lips; and gives a light, comfortable feel to the lips whenever you purse your lips. However, you need to really prep your lips before application, this stain is not going to hydrate your lips or take care of the dryness, especially in this weather.

Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick

The applicator given is quite good, it really hugs your lips, and gives a decent and precise application. It picks up an adequate amount of product for one swipe of color across the lips.

The shade #9 is a beautiful warm-toned berry pink with a hint of coral in it. On my non-pigmented lips, it looks more deep pink than coral; a very very beautiful pink shade.  The lip stain stays on for 2-3 hours, with snacks in between; and for 4-5 hours without meals. However, a big meal is going to wipe it off completely. This shade leaves a light pink stain after removal. Once set, it does not transfer onto cups and glasses; and leaves on a faint imprint of lips.

Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick

Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick

Pros of Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick #9:

  • Beautiful packaging with a see-through window.
  • The applicator sits well on the lips, providing adequate pigmentation in one swipe and precise application.’
  • Good set of ingredients.
  • Light, comfortable feel on the lips.
  • Beautiful warm-toned berry with a hint of coral in it.
  • Glossy look, turns into a beautiful sheen.
  • Medium coverage.
  • Covers all lip lines and does not accentuate them at all.
  • Does not bleed at all.
  • Does not dry out the lips at all.
  • Does not transfer once set.

Cons of Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick #9:

  • Expensive.
  • Fragrance is a big no-no for me.
  • Patchy coverage on initial application.
  • Does not last long on the lips.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Deborah Milano Red Laque Liquid Lipstick #9?

Yes, I will recommend this shade to everyone. This shade is sure to add a glow to all your faces, in this harsh winters.

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  1. I am so in love with lipstick. Even though I am not fond of glossy lips, i can’t skip this colour. I am going to buy it just for this pretty pink. 😀

  2. Woooow that does look very pretty… it is such a beautiful shade 🙂 your lip swatches make the shade look even prettier 🙂

  3. Bas!!! Bahot ho gaya 🙁 You and Saloni are adding up the products to my list…I have already gone bankrupt this GOSF 🙁 On a serious note..this shade rocks on u 😉

    1. Hiii hiii… Kadambari… I m so envious… Wanna grab all ur items… I get totally confused in online shopping, especially during sale time. What I want r usually not on sale; or out of stock. Havent bought a single thing yet… Wait i’ll come and steal all urs

  4. Doc, i can go back and read the packaging para again and again, well well well written. An unplanned impulsive purchase and really good. Usually, liq lippies are so dry and dead matte; lovely swatches and this one is super glossy but i am not as fair as you are so might not suit me

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