Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Lipstick – Shade No. 19 Review

Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Lipstick – Shade No. 19 Review

Hello to all imbb beauties,

Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Lipstick Shade No. 19 Review

From my childhood, I have always been fascinated about lipsticks.  When I was in 7th grade, I had my first lipstick. You all can guess which brand 😛 But but but my affair with lipstick abruptly ended when my whole bunch of relatives scolded me for applying too much lipstick and making my already so-called big mouth more big! I loved swiping the lipstick three to four times, I don’t know why but I still have this habit.  From my 10th grade till my masters, I did not own a single lipstick! Yes not a single one. I survived on various lip balms and I felt I do not need any lipsticks, but then came IMBB and as they say, the rest is history. Very special thanks to Neha for this. All the lipsticks in my kitty are brought only after reading IMBB. A few months back, when I was at Mumbai airport, I saw the air hostesses sporting a lovely bright raspberry pink kind of lipstick and I was hooked. I just wanted to know which shade and which brand, but I was totally clueless. When I was entering the plane, I saw one air hostess quickly applying the very same lipstick at the entrance, still I could not know which brand.  The carrier had some pamphlets and booklets at the back of the seat endorsing some stuff of some brands, which you can buy in the plane itself.  There in that booklet, I saw that similar looking lipstick and the brand was Deborah Milano! I just wanted to buy but my father was annoyed and a big angry “no”came from his mouth. I was sad and eventually I forgot owing to my work pressure,but again after some months, I saw a review on the same lipstick of that brand by Vini. Boy! I was so happy that I promptly went to Deborah counter in my city to buy, but alas, it was out of stock. I searched online and on one site, I found and I ordered and happily waited for the gorgeous lipstick to arrive. To my shock, the shade was different, not the one which I had ordered and I realized it was my fault only (blame the long similar sounding names and numbering of the lipsticks system), I had mistakenly ordered that shade. I searched IMBB for the review but did not come across any.

Pink Lipstick 3

So, here is my review on Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Lipstick – Shade No. 19.  Read on to know whether I liked it or not. I will not go into product description as there are enough reviews on IMBB about this brand.


Rs. 560, got for Rs. 499 online for 4 gm.


The lipstick comes in a steel grey case. The case is curvy and feels a little heavy. It closes with a click lock,so you can throw this in your bag without any worry. Good and classy packaging.

Color and Texture:

Pink Lipstick 1

Coming to the color and texture, shade No. 19 is a lovely, sweet, clean pink. It has no peach, brown, coral or red undertone, though it seems to have some mauve undertones when seen under flash light. I feel it is a cool-toned pink and I thought it will clash against my warm skin tone, but the color is really pretty. It is bright but not too neonish.  It instantly brightens up my face. It will suit fair to medium skin tones the most. The color is quite pigmented. One swipe is enough. It covers the lip pigmentation well. Coming to the texture, this lipstick is very creamy, gives lips a slight glossy finish. It is frost and shimmer free. It is not matte at all. You can use it directly on your dry lips and it does not stain your lips at all, but on the flip side, it transfers a lot on to everything your lips touch owing to its creamy and moisturizing nature.

Pink Lipstick 5

You won’t even need a makeup remover to remove the lipstick, a tissue or cloth will do the job. On my lips, it stays a maximum of 4 hours if I don’t eat or drink anything. Yesterday, I had put this at 11 AM  then went out, had some coffee. I was very embarrassed when I saw the lipstick transfer on to the cup. Imagine a black cup carrying a bright pink lipstick stain near the rim. I quickly rubbed my lips to evenly distribute the color. After an hour, I had a full meal and then the color faded very unevenly. Some parts of my lips were totally colorless and some had color. I was not wearing a lip pencil, so a lip pencil is a must with this shade. Another word, please don’t take photos in flash light wearing this shade because it looks bad on medium skin tones. You can top it off with some red or coral gloss.

What I Like about Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Lipstick – Shade No. 19:

  • Lovely color.
  • Instantly brightens my face with a pop of color.
  • Very pigmented.
  • Moisturizing.
  • No strong smell.
  • Enough quantity.
  • Classy packaging.
  • Travel friendly.

What I Do Not Like about Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Lipstick – Shade No. 19:

  • No good staying power.
  • Too creamy.
  • Transfers a lot.
  • Fades unevenly.
  • Only shade number is mentioned and confusing long name. Please remember the long name and shade to buy, else you are likely to end up buying the wrong shade and finish like me.
  • Bleeds a little.
  • No ingredients mentioned.

IMBB Rating:

3.5/5 (1 point for price because the quality of this lipstick can be compared to Maybelline Moisture range which come much cheaper that this. 0.5 for fading unevenly).

Do I Recommend Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Lipstick – Shade No. 19?

Yes, the color is lovely and if you like creamy lipsticks and price is not a concern for you.

The first two lip swatches are taken in natural day light without flash.

without flash1

without flash

The 3rd swatch is taken indoors using flash. Spot the difference.

with flash

Please be free to comment. Take care and stay beautiful girls!

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