Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Mat Lipstick 03

Deborah Milano Rosetto Atomic Red Mat Lipstick 03

Smoothing, incredibly comfortable consistency. Selected raw materials formulated to leave a stunningly mat, velvet finish. Lightly micro-aerated texture preserves intense colour without drying lips. Satiny mat lipstick. Ultra-comfortable glide-on formula for velvety smooth lips that stay perfect all day long. Hypoallergenic.* *Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies.

Price: 625

to get a natural result of applying a base of concealer and then apply lipstick with your fingertip.


I am a creamy matte lip lover and these are new discovery, I bought the 01 and 07 shade already and this is another beautiful one I picked up from Central, I must say they have expensive but very temptinng stuff, hence I picked up a lot of lip liners and this one too, Take a look at this pretty dull coral shade to brighten up your evening, if you are matte lipstick lover.


this is a close take on my fav Chambor powder matte lippies, and this is as creamy (cakey?) like those, these cover the lips absolutely and no scene of any lip pigmentation peeping through.SO this one coats the lips in one swipe, it feel creamy but not melting buttery, it is just right for a matte and it does not feel drying in coat at least on me.

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The color is a pretty orange coral, no pink in it, but still very Indian and earthy color, it will suit most complexions and it might look too orange if layered but otherwise superb, it has this sophistication, I love the matte finish it is powder matte.


It might settle in lines like all creamy mattes, but not much drying honestly, it lasts meals and you can expect 5 hours of full wear out of it, no need to layer it on and on,hence you get a lot of lipstick in there.



If you love mattes and corals, you gotta check this one out, though on the higher side, it is worth it.


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  1. Ohhhhoooo awesome lip swatch *woot* *woot* *woot* i am going to take soo much practise to apply the lip colour so neatly *hihi* *hihi* this shade looks damn pretty and corals are one of my favourites *happy dance* *happy dance*

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