Deborah Milano Trio Hi-Tech Dry n Wet Eye Shadow – Gold Fever Review

Deborah Milano Trio Hi-Tech Dry n Wet Eye Shadow – Gold Fever 7 & my shopping experience at


IMBB Cuties!

One month back I saw website flashing its ad on my facebook page. I had checked out the products then but there were not much brands displayed, just 4 or 5 I can recall. After Kimi mentioned on IMBB on her order of Nyx eye shadow palette from urban touch, I was tempted :woot: to check out the site again and place my order. I checked the site and to my utter surprise, they had added products from several other well known brands in their list :hiphop: The best part was that they have the option of cash on delivery, which I prefer as my net banking id is not active and I don’t have a PayPal account or credit card . Another attraction for me was they offer great discount on almost all of their products with no shipping charges :yahoo: I placed my order on 05.07.2011, Wednesday and got all the products delivered at my door step on 08.07.2011, by Saturday. All the products were bubble wrapped, in a black box with lots of foams and mentioned in silver on the cover. I received them in top condition with no damage. I ordered the following stuff:
>Deborah Trio Hi- Tech Eye Shadow – Gold Fever 7 – Rs 495, I got this for Rs 420 after discount

>Nyx Cream Rouge blush- Rose Petal and Natural- Rs 650, I got each of these at Rs 520

This is how the page looks like!

deborah trio


My Experience

When I was checking all the products, this eye shadow trio from Deborah Milano caught my eyes :woot: I loved the combinations of colors and after checking the price decided to buy it. From the above combinations, only 2, 7, 13 are available at for shopping. I bought the one with number 7, which has three colors, mainly golden, plum and maroon. These eye shadows have fine sparkles. When used dry, they are not very pigmented but their color comes into full potential when used wet. These are super iridescent wet n dry eye shadow palettes. I bought only one as I wanted to know if these were good enough or just looked good at the site. I can say, in real these look more beautiful and classy comparative to the picture shown in the site :makeup: Very soon, I am going to buy the other two combinations- Truely diva (2), Black Dahlia (13) :toothygrin: My shopping experience has been extremely pleasant from and I intend to shop from there regularly. I am also eyeing Deborah kohl pencils shown in the site. I got all the products delivered within 3 days.






Swatches when used dry

Swatches when used wet


Pros of Deborah Milano Trio Hi-Tech Dry n Wet Eye Shadow:
-Beautiful, classy packaging.
-The combinations are too awesome to make even a miser to buy at least one of these. :toothygrin:
-The colors are highly pigmented when used wet.
-These eye shadows don’t have chunky, obvious sparkles.
-These are wet and dry eye shadows.
-This is hypoallergenic.
-Price is really reasonable at Rs 495, and I bought this at Rs 420 after discount. :yahoo:
-This looks awesome on eyes. :preen:
-The palette number 7 has terrific combo of three beautiful colors- Plum, Golden, and Lavender.
-When used dry, stays for 2-3 hours and when used wet stays for 4-5 hours without primer. I wore it the whole day on Saturday 09.07.11 and it was still there on my eyes by evening with primer.
-This eye shadow is almost similar to highly professional makeup products. :thumbsup:

Cons of Deborah Milano Trio Hi-Tech Dry n Wet Eye Shadow:
-When used dry, colors are not very pigmented but yes buildable.
-These are not easily available at all shops.


4.5 out 5 for shopping experience at 0.5 Off for non availability of other brand products such as Revlon, Lakme make up products and under every brand, all products are not available for buying. Yes also for not able to deliver products to remote places.

4.75 out of 5 for the quality, quantity and efficacy of the eye shadow.
Overall Recommendations: I give a :thumbsup: for shopping from This eye shadow I feel is a must have for all. The quality and quantity you get for the price is a steal! Grab one of these for sure! :))
:thanks: :puchhi:
My other purchase from



Left- Natural, Right- Rose Petal

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55 thoughts on “Deborah Milano Trio Hi-Tech Dry n Wet Eye Shadow – Gold Fever Review

  1. wow…i was thinking of ordering one from this particular website…but couldnt gather the courage as im not very comfy wit online shoping! now i can go for it…first i need to register though :thanks:

  2. hi taps, nice review! i just got my urban touch package a few minutes back and was marveling at their packaging when i saw this post 🙂
    that eyeshadow trio looks great and pretty similar to one i have from LA Colors…i love the consistency of these baked shadows! and NYX blushes are amazing! nice haul:)

  3. OMGGG Tapas!!!!!!!! :woot: Aweeeeeeeesommmeeeee!! :woot: :woot: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. i chked the site yesterday after reading ur blog… :))
      but dont kno wht to order as yet coz nyx i can get thru porkdaisy too 😉

  4. purple and gold is one of my most fav combination. I do it whenever i can. :))

    the rose petal blush looks pretty. I have natural. NYX blushes are so awesome. :))

    all of you shopping shopping. :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

    1. When I was writing this review , i knew you love this combo for sure ! 😀 Rose petal looks awesome too ! Yes they are really nice makes my cheeks all glowy !Me shopping a bit ! :tongue:

  5. Wow..the purple one looks GREAT! :woot:
    I just checked out the site seems great. 🙂

    Taps, how exactly do you wet the eye shadow? Do you wet the applicator or your eyelid or is there another way? :struggle:

  6. nice nice shopping tapas… i too chked this website yesterday but they have such limited collection.. n NYX ke liye i got porkdaisy :yahoo: :yahoo: … want to order Aroma magic products i guess.. coz idont find them here.. :wilt:

  7. Hey Taps……………you have picked up a nice product….this is the second positive review for urban touch website after Cali’s…….I will check out the site myself and Cash on delivery option is too good……….. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. Yess Jomol, their service is awesome, they reply to all my queries by mail within 1 hr too, am really impressed, products are really good, and discount is good too ! :yahoo:

  8. taps.. nice buy… btw u know what.. deborah milano has got a counter at westside on 22 camac street.. u cud go thr n check out stuff urself rather than buying online..

    1. Ohh really pia nice that you told me, will check out but online dear am benefited na , the eye shadow price is 495, online I got at Rs 420, online is much better dear ! Just wish they had updated more products !

  9. Wow Taps!! You must be earning such a lot of money to splurge on make up and cosmetics.. :shying: Where do you work?

  10. Wow, this eyeshadow trio looks lovely, I must check it out asap at Westside. I’m glad you had a good shopping experience from this website, but I wish more NYX stuff was available on this site.

  11. K… guess I will check out urban touch now… I too prefer COD, but issue now is I may not be at home to receive my purchases. How much can I trouble my watchman? FnY had deborah milano too, two days back, didnt order… and brandmile had colorbar.. I don’t get it in Kerala so I was realllly tempted. Waiting for september to do a proper blowout…on a self imposed shopping ban till then.

  12. taps u shd have got some other shade..natural n rose petal do not have much of a difference..jus dat rose petal is a lil more warmer..u shd have tried glow..

    1. Yess Bhumika you are right ! But dear, I didnt know that when I saw the website and saw the pics, they looked different but in real, almost similar, but still I like the natural one most !

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