Deepika Padukone’s Style in the Movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Decoded

Deepika Padukone’s Style in the Movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Decoded

Hello everyone,

Whoever here loved Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? I totally agree, that the movie was such a simple story, but was I the only one who cried like a little child because of how those two love birds could not be together due to the practicalities of life? I sometimes wonder, if we all were so practical in our lives, there would be no love left to witness. Because love itself means compromises and sacrifices, even if it means to sacrifice some of your dreams to be with the person you love. And you know what, if you are with the right one, all your dreams eventually do come true.

Right, so enough of me being over sentimental and giving you all love life gyaan, I am here with another style decoded post, after receiving such a great response from you all, for Alia Bhatt’s style Decoded in the Movie 2 States. I decided to write another post, about another very fashion conscious movie for you all. Yes, this is also is a Dharma production and Mr. Manish Malhotra along with Samidha Wangnoo have done wonders with Deepika’s outfits.

Manish and Samidha do an excellent job in demonstrating transition of time periods with their choice of outfits for all the characters in the movie, but here we shall only be focusing on Deepika in this post.

Deepika’s look can be divided into two different divisions of style. The first one is before the interval and the other is during the “shaadi.”

Before the Interval:  The designers have gone for a nerdy chic look, and have played around with vibrant colours and prints combined with flirty cuts for her dresses. So ladies, if you want to incorporate her look into your personal wardrobe, you are going to need the following.

1. Dresses:  Deepika is seen wearing gorgeous dresses, that fall slightly above her knee, which is the perfect balance between cute and sexy. The designers have carefully chosen mainly floral prints for her dresses, with A-line cuts and sweetheart neckines, which add the flirty charm to the look. Vibrant yet feminine colours are a must for this look, lean on pinks, corals, purples and yellows for this look. She is seen wearing a lot of floral printed dresses, so definitely endorse flower power in your wardrobe. Don’t just restrict the floral prints to your dresses, you can also wear them on your tops with jeans, or with a floral skirt and a top or chic shirt.

Deepika Padukone’s Style in the Movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Decoded

Deepika Padukone’s Style in the Movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Decoded

2. Cardigans and Jackets:  “Scholar Naina” is seen wearing a lot of these in the first half of the movie. Remember her character is depicted as a really safe person, so they had to find the right balance in her clothes to demonstrate this on screen. They could not go to risque with her short A-line skirts, so they balanced this by making her wear full sleeve cardigans. And who says cardigans need to be boring, Samidha and Manish have totally changed this idea for those people who once stuck to plain black and grey cardigans. If you want her look, wear bright coloured cardigans. Blues, purples, vibrant corals, deep pinks and baby pinks should be your go to colours for this look. As for the jackets, she is seen wearing denim jackets. However the colour she is wearing mostly is the light denim, which is my absolute favorite, it is a twist on the quintessential denim jacket. It looks lovely with floral printed dresses as well as printed pants and t-shirts. I feel as though it gives your plain and simple outfit a new complete and versatile look. It should be one of wardrobe staples for sure.

Deepika Padukone’s Style in the Movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Decoded

3. Outerwear:  Deepika also is seen wearing a lot of outerwear during the whole first half of the movie, while they are trekking in the snow. To break her outwear down, you can see that Samidha and Manish have made her wear a lot of parkas and gillets throughout the trekking scenes. Living in a cold city myself, I can guarantee you that these jackets will definitely protect you from the cold as well as the snow. Again, parkas and outerwear don’t have to be boring or kill your outfit. You can make them look totally chic, just like Deepika in this movie. Wear bright coloured striped t-shirts underneath your gilets, or even plain vibrant coloured full sleeve t-shirt. Wear a bright pink full sleeve t-shirt with a blue gilet from Jack Wills, black jeans or leggings and a fun coloured beanie and you will look absolutely cute and fashionable. Gloves are a must for cold weathers, especially if you are in the snow. Opt for really bright neon pink coloured gloves, to give a pop to your outfit and you are good to go.

4. Shoes:  I have seen Deepika wear a lot of ankle boots throughout the first half of the movies, they look absolutely chic with short flowy floral dresses; lean on browns and dirty tans! You can also experiment with ankle length boots with heels, you get lovely ankle length boots in stores like Steve Madden, Zara and Aldo. So, keep a close eye for those! I have so many variations of the ankle length boots and they are my absolute favourite for the fall season! For more summer and casual look, you can go for the t-bar sandals. Deepika is seen wearing these sandals in the “balam pickhkari” song, and it makes her already long legs look more longer. Such sandals are perfect for creating such illusions as well as to show off your perfectly manicured feet. Try colours like gold, silver and black with gold hardware for a fashionably cute look.

5. Accessories:  Accessories seem to complete her outfit! Albeit they are very simple, but the intricate details give her a uber trendy look. So what if you have glasses, you don’t have to stick to those dull frames, spruce your eye wear like glasses like Deepika’s. Nerdy glasses are so much in trend right now, people without an eye power still love to flaunt these on their eyes. Go for thick pairs, Prada and Chanel have really good chic options. Headbands are also a must for the girlish look they were going for, wear headbands that are classy and not over the top. They need to be a subtle accessory which is enough to complete the look, but your look should not be focusing on just the hair band. I love hair bands with neutral colours like black, white, grey but I love to add a little twist to it, with the detailing. Try gold detailing or silver detailing for your head bands for the perfect look. Or if you are big on colour, try balancing the rest of your outfit. A red hair band with a white dress would make you look totally cute with a girl-next door sort of charm.

Second Half of the Movie:

All I can say for this is that Manish Malhotra has brought sexy back, with the Indian outfits he has chosen for Deepika. There is a clear transition from a nerdy shy girl, to a confident young woman and this is seen in her clothes and her styling.

Saris:  These are not just simple saris, they are sexy and absolutely glamorous. Chiffon is the material you should be running after for this look. Manish Malohtra is known for going against the quintessential saris and design something completely out of this world. Sheer chiffon saris with contrasting blouses is what you need to be purchasing for this look. Also, you will notice that the saree border is thick and striking in the promotional posters of “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.” Go for colours like Royal Blues, Fuchsia Pinks, bright vibrant reds. Team these with black coloured blouses and you are good to go!

Deepika Padukone’s Style in the Movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Decoded

Blouses:  The blouses that Deepika has worn in the movie are extremely tiny, but the great thing is that she can carry this look off without looking vulgar. The best way to describe her blouses are skimpy! Some of the blouses actually remind me of bikini tops, if I am totally honest with you. Her blouses lean on the revealing size, they are definitely small as well are plunging. They touch on sexy, but might look horribly wrong on some of us. We must remember Deepika has a relatively small bust. So we need to cater the blouse according to our comfort levels. If you are not comfortable with skimpy blouses, you can incorporate “doris,” thin straps and moderately low backs to achieve Deepika’s looks.

Deepika Padukone’s Style in the Movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Decoded

If you loved Deepika’s look in “Yeh Jawani hai Deewani,” do give these style tips a try and tell me what else did you like about her look! Would love to hear from you!

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