10 Delicious Foods Which are Bad For Skin

By Chanchala Bose

Girls have a tendency to go for bad boys. But it’s not only about boys; the same applies with other love of girls too. Don’t know why but they have an attraction towards the things that are not good for them.

Delicious Foods Which are Bad for Skin

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s begin with the fooding habits. We all love some or the other foods which are not at all healthy for us. These foods are not good for our skin and they deplete our skin quality like never before. Now, don’t get terrified. Here we are listing down some of the foods so that you can avoid them for the future.

junk food collage

1. Spaghetti

I know it tastes yum but the overdose of sodium will heighten your glucose level to an all time high and we all know that sodium is bad for your skin.

2. French Fries

High sodium and salt content dehydrates your skin. And faster dehydration leads to ageing skin in no time. So, if you want to stay away from pimples avoid this.

3. Chocolate Shakes

chocolate shake

Shakes have a high content of dairy products and this will lead to ageing of skin in no time. And if it’s a chocolate shake then we all know that it is inviting acne. Chocolates are a powerhouse of acne.

4. Cheese

Dairy and sodium content in cheese makes it one of the worst foods for your skin. It raises your glucose level and invites wrinkles to a large extent.

5. Pizza

It contains an advanced glycation product which breaks down the collagen of your skin. Pizza also contains higher dose of dairy and cheese which triggers acne and skin breakouts.

6. Rice cakes

They are often hailed as a product which helps in reducing weight like never before. But rice cakes also have lot of sodium content in them which leads to breakouts or wrinkles.

7. Candy

Everyone loves candy in teens. But do you know these artificially colored high dose of sodium candies are extremely bad for your skin. They cause skin breakouts and turn your skin into really bad state.

8. Cereals

breakfast cereals

Well, all of us love cereals in our breakfast. We all think that’s super healthy and nutritious. But do you know that cereals have high dosage of sodium content in them and not to forget dairy too. So, if you are thinking that you are doing a favor on your skin by consuming cereals then you are entirely wrong.

9. Chips

Chips are really dehydrating on your skin; very bad food for dry skinned people. It will dry out your skin more and cause more and more wrinkles.

10. Artificial juices and soda

They are high in sodium and low with fiber, such a bad combination for the skin. You need to not even touch this if you are dreaming of a good skin for the long run.

So, these are the foods for which you need to maintain a safe distance from in order to get a gorgeous skin like actresses or our very own, Rati.

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  1. Thanks Chancala, for the tips, I was unaware about most of them especially cereals and milkshakes, I do not like milkshakes, but intake cereals quite often.

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