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Akanksha T. Asks:

Hey All,

This is Ashi.  I am facing problems when it comes to my skin.  My skin is uneven.  I have pores near nose and on the nose as well, loads of white heads (though I remove them almost daily), and black acne scars.  I am dusky and I know nothing when it comes to make up, some time I feel I am hideous.  I have seen many tutorials on Youtube and I wonder how people having horrible scars and acne can get a flawless skin after make-up.  I need your help.  I hope you are going to help me with my problems.  Please tell me about makeup products , concealer , primer , blush, bronzer, any damn thing that can make me look good.  You name it and I would get them as soon as possible.  Just tell me the procedure to cover my blemishes.  Also, I have gained tons of weight due to depression and over eating (obvious reason for my skin problems urghhh ).

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16 thoughts on “Depression Because of Skin Problems: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Akansha,

    I totally understand what you are going through. Everyone does not have perfect skin. Makeup can help to a great extent. A good concealer can hide acne marks and blemishes to a great extent, I have found my perfect concealer in Inglot. Here;s the review….. MUFE, Bourjois, MAC have good foundations that provide full coverage of skin.

    You should see a dermatologist to get help with your skin. Exercising, taking a control of diet, cleaning toning moisturizing all helps.

    As far as help with diet is concerned, you can check out the 4-week diet chart here to lose weight

  2. Hi akansha…i know how u feel 🙂
    i had terrible tan in my teenage and after marriage i had active acne for two years
    and still i have terrible skin with a mind of its own
    this is fine till you dont let it affect you…are you a working women? so may be you can focus your energies into what you do and dont make your skin your life
    also i want to say that … any skin problem has a remedy but it takes time
    i have seen a senior in college who got her scars filled in by some surgical procedure and her skin was as good as new
    may be you can see a good skin specialist 🙂
    and not buy makeup for the time being and get healthy skin first
    give it some time and see the positives in life 🙂
    there is always something to be thankful for !

  3. Hey Ashi,
    Take it easy. All your description also fits and add oilines to that list. But I have been able to present myself bautifully all thanks to IMBB. ANd please dont ever think of your self as looking hideous! Ok Here are the products i recommend:
    1) Revlon Colorstay foundation for daily wear or COlorbar triple act compact.
    2) Kryolan concealer circle
    3) Kryolan tv paint stick foudation for days when you will be photographed.
    4) Kryolan Translucent powder

    All these products are tried and tested by me and they serve their purpose very well.
    Also mode of applciation isequally important. Please refer to tutoroals by rati di and how to apply foundation, concealer and highlighter.

    And i will suggest two more mantras:
    1) learn from mistakes and never shy away after just one wrong make up day
    2) Follow IMBB through and through.

    Hope this helps! Keep smiling 🙂

  4. Hi Akanksha.. you should definitely find a good dermatologist. It will be of great help. There’s medication for almost all skin problems nowadays. People get so many skin treatments for acne n blemishes and usually they are successful.i had very bad acne in my teenage.even nw, my acne leave stubborn blemishes on my face and back.i have been using montagne jeunesse whitening mask in the nights as my moisturiser. It has helped alot to even out my skin tone. Do ctm properly. It helps in reducing further break outs. And as far as overweight is concerned, we all go through this phase. Do exercise or light jogging daily. It will not only help in reducing your weight but would also give glow to your skin. Drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables. Vitamin c and e helps in skin alot. For ma up, use a good coverage concealer like inglot, colorbar for your blemishes. And a good coverage foundation will help in evening out skin tone.

  5. Hi Ashi, I totally understand how you feel but I sincerely feel you should first learn to love yourself. Dont get depressed bcoz you have acne and scars..even I have them and battling them since long long time but using correct skin care products and makeup you can definitely look gorgeous.

    First of all get your skin checked with a dermatologist, secondly start using good skin care products specifically meant for oil to acne prone skin.

    I highly recommend using Vichy’s normaderm range cleansing gel as face wash and their moisturizer and night cream. Works really well on oily skin and pores. User a toner as can also create your homemade toner using green tea + tea tree oil – Tea tree oil is highly effective in curing acne, you can even tab tea tree oil directly on your acne or zits. Also dont forget to scrub your face atleast 2 to 3 times a week and try using a good face pack – i love to make one with multani mitti + neem powder + chandan powder + orange peel powder + rose water.

    DRINK loads of water, I know lot of people must have told you this earlier but trust me this is very important for your drink it up mentioned you have gain weight due to depression of skin problems…exercise will not only help in reducing weight but the sweat also helps in getting of the toxins from the body and giving you that good skin..also exercising will improve blood circulation.

    Now coming to makeup – checkout inglot concealer or colorbar stick concealer for under eye circles and spot concealing of well for me.
    I don’t recommend using foundation on daily basis so get a good compact powder which gives some coverage like MAC Studio fix foundation in powder..should help you in day to day but for heavy coverage i highly recommend you going for revlon colorstay if you find your skin match or MAC or Kryolan..kryolan one works extremely well for marriage/functions where you need to look good in pictures or videos.

    Finally dont give up girl! Stay happy and carry yourself with one in this world is perfect, give yourself some time and follow the above tips and definitely you’ll see improvements in your skin..just have some patience 🙂 hope this helped 🙂

  6. Hey Girl, here are my two cents.

    Skin problems are normal and their side effects are horrible, putting on weight is a side effect of your skin problems, but trust me all of this can be controlled and you can be the dazzling beauty you want to be.

    Aim to clear up your acne – consult a Derm if you can. When I was down with acne, I was advised to take oral chemotherapy, I did not opt for it. I have combination-dry-sensitive-acne prone skin. I used a face pack made of raw milk with multani mitti on alternate days on my face. This helped a lot. I applied Erytop gel (reviewed on IMBB) every night on all the pimples, this one step made a huge difference, it killed bacteria, reduced redness and eliminated pain.

    During this time, I used no make up at all. All I wore was a sunscreen lotus spf 40 in the day, and banjara’s rose water in the night. Thats it. My skin cleared and acne never attacked again.

    I so believed in Cetaphil skin cleanser and used it religiously, now we have this cleanser for oily skin as well. I am still using this – trust me I do not break out any more. YEAHHHHH !!!

    Star this routine at the earliest.

    Walking is a very good exercise, brisk walk for 30 mins every day morning or evening, then some stretches and yoga will help you get back in shape. Drink warm water, eat fruits, whole grains, sleep well for 7 or 8 hours, wear cotton clothes and watch comedy serials or movies….. changes to the lifestyle has a lot of effect on our skin and hair.

    Make up will enhance your skin, so first aim to get a good skin, then you have loads of options to experiment with.

    Be Happy Girl 🙂

  7. Hey Ashi..I think U need to do homeopath treatment as it helps very much…this is from personal exp…B4 homeopathy I consulted and underwent chemical treatment …which worked for a certain time and thn stoppd working…so thtz how i shifted to treats every other problem along with the main cause…ur whiteheads,blackheads,acne marks & scars n othr problems DISAPPEAR…trust me(i underwent treatm. for acne & my weight i.e.50kgs was constant for a long time …my acne is cleard..pigmentation lightend…scars filled up…more happier..gighting less :P..etc )….so go ahead with homeopathy treatment… to boost ur confidence use waterbased foundation + a lipstick or gloss so tht it doesnt make u appear pale…thtz it…nthin more…Overtime U wud see change in urself 🙂 … HOMEOPATHY treatment cost less thn any of the beauty products per month..its a good thing to invest for a better health :D…Do let me knw abt ur progress..

  8. Hey Ashi,
    I suffered the same problem in my teen age.. and break out very easily even now. pores and white heads DONT ASK!!! but be confident sweetheart.. the more you’ll love yourself.. the more this world would!!!
    As of your skin problem.. apart from seeing a dermatologist, see a gynecologist as soon as possible. 90% of women today suffer from hormonal imbalance. Once the hormones strike equilibrium, you will stop getting acne and whiteheads.. scars can always be treated!!

  9. hi girl, like everyone has said, please do go see a dermatologist, a homeopath or an ayurvedic doctor. first start with addressing the root cause. while u are undergoing treatment there is always makeup to fall back on.

    there is one thing i always do when my skin is behaving badly and i want to put makeup on. i mix a drop of tea tree oil with some moisturiser and calamine lotion and apply it to skin. let it sink in your skin, then do your makeup. i find that omitting this step and putting on makeup on my skin creates worse problems for me later… use a nice foundation stick, kryolan’s TV paint stick is awesome. but it gives a full coverage, which can look odd if u have only stepped out to run some errands.

    i personally find colorbar’s 3 in 1 compact a god sent, i have not used it as a concealer, but when used wet it gives good coverage, controls oil and does not look like i have a pancake on. a cheaper foundation stick is lotus. though the shades are limited, it is a good stick that lasts a minimum of 4-5 hrs, if set with powder.

  10. Hey Ashi, Having gone through it myself, I can totally relate to your problem. First of all, I would like to tell you, that its just a passing phase…every single girl has had skin problems at some point in her life. Son’t feel so low…its perfectly normal.. 🙂
    Yes, make up can make your skin look flawless, but I suggest you see a dermatologist first. Don’t mess with your face by experimenting with cosmetics (I did that and almost ruined my skin). Seeing a good derma is a must. Take good care of your health, have a healthy balanced diet, adequate water intake, and regular exercise …. all these with aid your skin to heal and give you that ‘glow’ from within 🙂
    As far as make up tips go…I’m sure you’ll find enough of them from imbb. 🙂 🙂

    Hope this helps.

  11. Ashi!
    Most of us have been there…me too.

    Visit a dermat stat…..

    Love yourself! Look at the mirror and tell your self every day..”You are so pretty lady! Muaah, gorgeous!” Seriously…I do that when I’m down..heh heh. If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful!

    Start exercise. Keeps your endorphins high and keeps you happy. Skin glows when you exercise. And you lose weight! Win win situation for your problems.

    Eat healthy. Good fiber in your diet and good amount of fresh fruits, veggies, sprouts.

    I know nothing about makeup either! That other beauties here will guide you better. But everything else that I have told you has worked for me.

    And go easy! Don’t expect miracles overnight. I suggest before you buy any makeup cremes etc, consult your dermatologist. Don’t get overwhelmed and buy more than u need and can use.

    In case you are from Mumbai, I can recommend some docs for you, I too am a doc from Mumbai

    Take care and stay beautiful

  12. hi ashi,i too have a lot of huge pores in my nose,cheek,chin my school days,people used to mock me that i had small white hair growing outta my face.was so horrible.nowadays using cetaphil face cleanser.i use the clinique scrub that keeps my face whitehead free for 3 i use it twice a week.and as for the dark marks,i use turmeric,honey,lemon mask thrice a week.i see it getting lighter as days go by.

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