Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment Review

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment Review

Hey friends,

Hope all of you are enjoying the pink cold weather outside in good health and cheerful ambience.  I am back again to share one of my winter care products with you all, it was an impulse buy, but surprisingly, it proved to be so good and impressive.  I have heard a lot about Dermasil products since they are recommended often by dermatologists here for treating dry, eczema, and skin diseases. Dermasil is quite a well known brand for xerosis (dry skin) and eczema since 20 years.  Thankfully, I do not need their special treatment for over dry skin hence ended up trying their super economic and effective lip treatment. So, let’s talk in detail about Dermasil Labs Lip Treatment.

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment


$2-$5 for 0.35 Oz (10 g), price varies across stores.


This moisturizing lip balm comes in a hygienic tube packaging with spout opening (like Vaseline lip guard) for ease of application; however, I prefer taking a pea-sized amount on my pointer for maintaining hygiene of product inside. Believe it or not, it smells a lot like my Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask and more or less performs similar like it.  A win-win travel friendly multi-functional product.

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment


Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment

My Experience with Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment:

This is my first purchase from Dermasil which will certainly open the account for other Dermasil stuff as I am pretty impressed with this economic brand.  As I mentioned earlier, it smells and almost works similar to that of my highly-priced Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask; however, I cannot deny the fact that bite beauty is nearly naturally formulated while this Dermasil lip treatment is chemically formulated, but then as long as it does not irritate or accentuate my skin issues, there is no harm in trying it out, isn’t it?

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment

This thick white balm easily adheres on my dry lips and I love how it gives me non-sticky yet glossy finish apart from protecting my lips from cold winds and the weather around. It stays put for decent 3-4 hours with that glossy sheen and I must say I can smile without any irritation or dryness even for a second.  I think my lips love this lightweight balm much more than other sticks and balms.  It does not give any tingling or cooling sensation thankfully, simply rub it on lips and enjoy glossy, soft lips for good hours. I am also impressed by the fact that neither it accentuates my dry skin issues nor darken my skin tone (unlike Vaseline lip care products) in these 2 weeks of treatment and usage.

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment

I feel my lips look as softer and healthier as when I get from other higher-end lip care treatments. Needless to say, it is a great economical stuff for every beauty, especially in winters, if you are fine with its formulation.  I wish it had sun protection SPF as well to make it a staple product in my winter care regime. I highly recommend this product to everyone, especially girls who dream of soft and supple lips and need quick results. Another impressive feature is that it’s a cruelty free product and has not been tested on animals.

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment

Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment:

  • A mild and effective lip treatment balm which is cruelty free and not tested on animals.
  • Does not cause any cooling or tingling sensation post application.
  • Gives soft and smooth lips with prolong hours of hydration, even after fading away from the lips.
  • Stays put for good 3-4 hours.
  • Does not accentuate my dry skin issues, does not cause any discomfort.
  • Does not darken or enhance lip pigmentation unlike other chemically-formulated lip treatments.
  • Effectively treats dry and scaly lips.
  • It is a much cheaper but equally effective lip treatment like some high-end lip care products.

Cons of Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment:

  • It is chemically formulated with ingredients like petrolatum, propyl paraben, mineral oil. etc., which might be a turn off for a few of us.
  • Does not contain SPF sun protection.

As of now, I can only think about these cons, but since the results are outstanding, I can overlook these issues.  I would probably like to get it again for quick and effective treatment. I would say if you are fine with chemical formulation and want soft and smooth lips all year round, then try it, it’s amazing! Gals who are sensitive and skeptical about petrolatum, propyl paraben and mineral oil, kindly skip it 😛

IMBB Rating:

For me, it’s 3.5/5 for formulation while 4.5/5 for results and efficacy!

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15 thoughts on “Dermasil Labs Moisturizing Lip Treatment Review

  1. The product seems good Neetu 🙂
    If compared with vaseline lip therapy advanced which one u prefer ???
    Because I love Vaseline lip therapy it works best for me in winters 🙂

    1. Vini I have tried Vaseline lip guard earlier and since 4 years I haven’t tried any Vaseline pdts hence I cannot say if this balm works better than new versions of Vaseline but it is certainly better than all stick lip balms Burt’s bees fresh nivea etc and tbs lip butters I tried so far.

  2. This looks soo similar to vaseline na.. and works in the similar way too.. btw hows you doing neetu? how is aadya baby doing? 🙂

    1. yes it seems pretty much similar to many balms though it works good then many of them.. 🙂 we all are gud saloni.. 🙂 aadya baby is a big 2.5 years old gal nw.. 🙂 hope everything is great around u..

  3. Neetu, nowadays, it’s a bit cold here and my lips are already dry and chapped, need something like this. Any home remedy neetu 🙁

    1. hi 5 jomol.. home remedy is suggested by mini.. totally agree to her and I often try applying desi ghee to my belly button.. yes u hear it right.. 😛 apply ghee on belly button at bedtime it also helps in keeping lips in gud condition.. our elders nuskhe.. 😀 😛
      besides that, drinking litres of water with fresh fruit especially vitamin C will be a boon for skin and lips. and just avoid licking lips often. for me vitamin e oil also works gud so u may try cracking oil out of a vitamin e capsule and either consume capsule or apply it directly. fiuuu am done.. 🙂

  4. Seems promising except for chemicals…I love burts bees lipbalms…jomol apply ghee regularly and exfoliate your lips with lemon, olive oil and sugar…Hyderabad mein cold??????? I miss hyderabad 🙁

    1. yeah chemicals might be bothersome.. 🙁 burt bees balms r really gud hoever i love aveeno and yu be more than burt bees, they are awesome and equally priced as that of BB. try them u will like it as well.. 🙂

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