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My name is Ritika and I am 19 years old. I am living in Hyderabad. I have very bad acne prone skin and NO products are working 🙁 I am following a healthy diet, exercise and proper products for CTM and it has come down a bit but not entirely. My condition is hereditary (my 40+ mom still gets pimples!) So can somebody please suggest a good skin specialist/dermatologist in Hyderabd for my condition? I would really appreciate it 🙂

Thank you so much 🙂


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  1. Hi Ritika,

    Dr. Anup Lahiri who was a consultant dermatologist at Apollo Karkhana is a good dermatologist. He has his own clinic in Secunderabad, opposite to the Sigma Hospital and the Domino’s outlet near clock tower. He is available in the evening and you can make appointment through phone 🙂

  2. Hi Rati ,

    Can we have similar post for Dermatologist in South Delhi ?
    i have oily sensitive acne prone skin , this monsoon is worst season , never got so many pimples..since weather started so did my pimples triggered and they left some marks…

    I read review about fabindia vit e de-pigmentation cream which you have reviewed , shall buy that but first acne control is required.

    Also i have few boxcar and ice pick scars .. need some good experienced doc who can handle it sensitively and mildly , don’t want strong chemicals or treatment on my no no.

  3. Dr Aurangabadkar in koti. But getting an appointment might be a little difficult. but i dont know his ph no right now. google it.

  4. Dr IS Reddy who works in Apollo Jubilee Hills. He also has a clinic at Ameerpet.
    You can go for chemical peeling if it is very severe. In that cases Oliva or Kaya Skin Clinic, they have their own doctors who can suggest you the proper treatment for your acne.

  5. ritika please drink a lot of water.the doc will prescribe u steroids or antibiotics.please try and cure it with natural remedies

  6. i had the same problem love.leave them alone dont worry too much.take a lot of fruit in your diet and just leave them!its not good to be on medications,i have been on them for 1 year for my acne

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