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Manisha Arora asks:

Hello IMBB Beauties,

I was blessed with a clear and supple skin, but from the last 1 year, I am suffering from pimples and their marks :(Nothing seems to work for me. So, I have decided to see a dermatologist. I live in Pitampura, Delhi. Can you, please, suggest me a good dermatologist?

Thank you in advance!

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8 thoughts on “Dermatologists in Delhi: Ask IMBB

  1. Though I do not live in Delhi, I would suggest you to see Homeopathic doctor. These homeopathic medicines are more effective and have least negative side effect on body. Though they take longer time, and try to use neem as a face pack and scrub if possible and drink lots of water. 🙂

    1. Even I prefer homeopathic medicines, and have tried them for acne, but with no visible improvement in them *nonono*

  2. thanks for posting this query….just yesterday i was thinking to send this query to IMBB…need to visit a derm for pigmentation…..

  3. Hey..since you live in pitampura…i can suggest you a very very good dermatologist in model town…dr. AK JAIN. I dnt have his number…you can get that online on google…he sits at his clinic between 6 to 8pm daily…try n see him…he was a life saver for me and he is a retired head of the department from safdurjang hospital. You wont regret visiting him.

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