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Hi Everyone,

I have a serious hairfall problem and recently it has increased a lot. I moved to Bangalore sometime ago. It’d be a great help if people in Bangalore could tell me about any good trichologist or dermatologist in
Bangalore whom I could consult. I terribly need to see a doctor. I can literally see my whole head.


14 thoughts on “Dermatologist/Trichologist in Bangalore: Ask IMBB

  1. Dr. Singh!!! In kamnahalli!
    Hands down the best doc in Bangalore ! 🙂
    dermatologist.. call just dial and they shud have his number 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi I am from Delhi but after my marriage I came to Bangalore and in fact I had the same problem with me becoze of hard water in Bangalore, I visited a very famous dermatologist in koramangala opposite Bethany school but of no use then I tried anoop hair oil (available in chemist shop) try it out its very good 😀
    Otherwise you can consult Dr.Shankar D.Desai in Fortis hospital on Bannergatta Road…
    I visited him twice for my problems …he is very good 😀

  3. I also had good hair fall when i moved to blore , i lost 1/4th of my hair then…. now am back in Delhi and after few years things are better hair fall have stopped and am taking care … hair texture has improved and conditioned now . Hopefully restore back hair volume too.

    Suggest till you find a good doc :
    1) use filtered water to wash your hair.
    2) Do hot oil treatment on weekends to rejuvenate and strengthen hair ( preferably use oilve oil + almond oil + musturd oil ) , they are thickening and will nourish your hair.
    3) Wear scarves while traveling so hair is not damaged or dry due to pollution , air , sun.
    4) If possible apply protein hair mask , started since last week my hair is soft and shiny. This is help in reducing hair breakage in case your hair is frizzy , flayways .
    5) still hair fall is there , reason could be dandruff, keep your scalp clean and have proteins in your diet.
    6) Maybe your doc may suggest Biotin for 3-6 months also.

    Good Luck!

  4. It is the change in weather and water. I used to wash my hair in filtered/purified water while in Bangalore..Helped to an extent.

  5. Hi not sure which part of bangalore you stay, but Narayana Hrud has opened a new clinic called Reviva in HSR layout. I have been visiting them for both derma and Trico…Interacted with one doc Dr. Sidhu and she is good…like her knowledge and approach to medication and treatment. You can check the website before you visit them.
    You can also google Dr. Rajendran, he is an old name in derma in bangalore…visits various places and probably you can meet him too..
    hope that helps.

  6. Thank you soooo much jomol for posting my query..

    this hairfall has been giving me nightmares :'(.. i’ve been having hairfall since a very long time but never wanted to see a doc because i feel they do a lot of unwanted tests and make the treatment very expensive.

    now i realised how terrible it is after people started talkin to my head rather than my face.. i’ve stopped meeting people cos all they have to talk about is my bald head 🙁

    thank you so much people for ur responses.. i just hope my hair grows back..

  7. Thanks Shruti,
    I’ve tried anoop long before. my mom bought me that. but it gave me a lot of hairfall.
    my mom said that it’s like that initially, but then once your scalp gets adjusted to the oil hair starts to grow again.. but i’m scared to use it cos if hair falls this time then i’ll have nothin left on my head..

    i’ve also went to dr. batras twice before.. it was a total waste..

  8. thanks everyone.. i’ve been here in bangalore for a while but dont know many places as i don get to go out much.. i’ll have to find out the places.. thanks people..

  9. I went last week for an allergic reaction to Dr. Elizabeth Jayaseelan. Her clinic is in sarjapur road just after wipro. She is very experienced and practical. Does not prescribe too many/too expensive remedies. You can find her number on just dial 🙂

  10. Hi Suni,

    I guess am a little late in replying, saw the query only today. I went through the exact insane hairfall after moving to Bangalore from Delhi…how much I hate this place because of the hard water, anyway. I started under going treatment for hairfall three months ago by this trichologist called Dr Shahid Shamsher, he prescribes only homeopathic medicines and has clinics in different locations in the city where he and his wife (she is the skin doctor but I haven’t consulted her cos’ I didn’t have any skin problems) are present on different days of the week. He has put me on a 6 month program for making the existing hair stronger for which he prescribed some medication and charged Rs. 9,500. At first I was quite apprehensive cos’ I never thought homeopathy can be so expensive, however, after three months my hair is almost as good as new. After completing 6 months I’m to go back for further consultation to see if the inactive roots can be brought back to life and that will further enhance my hair’s health.
    I’m very, very grateful to him for bringing back my crowning glory because I was almost going bald too…I could see my scalp through my hair cos’ the hair fall was so severe. Now I’m as happy as ever and swear by his treatment. I hope you do read this and give him a thought, his schedule and clinic addresses can be found here: All the very best!! Take care 🙂

  11. Hi,
    I just saw your post & thought to reply, its the same case with me i have also moved from Delhi and had pathetic condition about my hair, before that people used to just see me and say whht beautiful hair, but after shifting here my hair was falling in bad speed, i think i lost half of my hair what it used to be in 1.5 years, im taking Dr shahid shamsher treatment for past 1 year & my hair stopped falling in initial one week only, the treatment is really good you can say,
    Hair fall will stop within a week,
    doctor will tell you exactly what is the problem,
    -treatment is really expensive i hink i have spend more than 30k in 1 year including tests,
    – over a period of time i have realized doc is has different fee scale – 6K, 9.5 K, 10.5K & 12 K,
    he will look at the person if your background is good & you are needy he will charge 12K, so make sure you tell him you cant effort say it indirectly,
    – after your 6 months treatment when you back go expecting the treatment is over he will tell you or even pressurize you to continue for next 6 more months otherwise the hair fall will come back nd tell you to use a serum to apply on scalp to get the hair back, but i didnt see any difference, or may be its not noticeable.
    -you will really have to wait to meet him- 1-2 hours ..

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