Designer Masaba Gupta: Fraudulent Selling Practices

Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta is an Indian designer, an SNDT Mumbai 2010 graduate. She operates her stores under the label ‘Masaba’ in Mumbai and Delhi. The Delhi store is in Meharchand Market where this incident happened to us.

* Rati bought a dress from Masaba Gupta’s Meherchand market store on June 1st. The dress was for Rs. 8000 (we have the receipt for the same). She gave the dress for alteration at the store itself.

* The dress came back around June 15 and the seams were open in one place so the store took it back to get it repaired.

* Since then there has been no sign of the dress. Rati has been calling the store. She asked for refund in July. The store refused.

* Rati tweeted to Masaba Gupta 5- 6 days back. She didn’t reply.

* Rati finally tweeted to Masaba Gupta again yesterday “Hi Masaba really regret buying from your Meherchand store. I bought a dress on 1st june 2013 and the dress is not ready till now. I was at least expecting a reply from you or you store. Finally after endless calls I have seriously lost interest in the dress. if there is a possibility, I’d appreciate a refund. If not, I guess I’d understand. Best.”

* No reply from Masaba Gupta or the store yet. No sign of the dress or the refund.

* We posted our experience on Facebook and our readers suggested that we try the consumer forums. We filed a complaint at The Masaba Gupta organization just queried about the dress and then did not respond at all.

* Till date there has not been an apology or a refund from designer Masaba Gupta or her organization.

Our readers have advised us about going to the consumer court but we do not know how long that will take. we are talking to a lawyer about the same. Meanwhile, we would like to spread the awareness about this store.

One of our readers even tweeted to Masaba Gupta about replying to us but she ignored it as again. This time, we request our readers to tweet this to Masaba Gupta and spread the word where ever you can.

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58 thoughts on “Designer Masaba Gupta: Fraudulent Selling Practices

  1. This is seriously disgusting,more than anything i think this is serious mood killer..
    Il make sure I warn people.

  2. and its been ages I mean they ought to give some kind of explanation, the dress and the money vanished into thin air!

  3. I was told that the dress would be gone to the tailor in meerut so it’d take time. Next I was told that the dress first goes to their Delhi tailor and then if he can’t do anything about it then it goes to the meerut tailor. So now the Delhi tailor got drunk and he was hospitalized. I could come and check on him in hospital.

    Next when I called up they told me that initially the material they were using for their dresses was not that great (muslin) and now they have changed to better quality so it is taking time for dress to get stitched.

    Seriously tired of hearing all these things..

    1. OMG such lame excuses just like any nukkad ka tailor, nothing professional about this attitude.. *pan*

      1. exactly shilpi thats what me thought even your local boutique or tailor is more answerable imagine how sick this it

        1. My god.. am scared of these boutiques now.. *hunterwali* never expected such attitude from famous boutique n designer. *hunterwali* I will make sure I spread my word to every single person in my knowledge. *specs* pathetic people. *spank*
          Wish u peace of mind n settled matter soon dear.. *puchhi*

    2. How unprofessional! 🙁 Why don’t you approach the print media as well? The more the negative publicity the faster they might try to resolve the issue. Do you have a newspaper like Delhi Mirror or something like we have Mumbai Mirror here in Mumbai? I have the contact number of a Mumbai Mirror reporter who might get it published in Mumbai Mirror at least. Since they have a store in Mumbai too, do you think it might help? Do let me know if want the number.

        1. Jomol, You’re welcome!
          Just mailed you the number.. Do talk to him and let me know if he was able to help you out!

  4. Sanjeev,
    I suggest you send a legal notice addressed to her at the Mehrchand store. And you would not need a lawyer for signing the legal notice, even you can do that. If they are still rigid, then I think we should file a consumer complaint. It is not about the money, but it is about being professional.

    Let me know if you need my help. We ll fight this out *hifive*

  5. Oh, for God’s sake! How absolutely LAME and unprofessional! When will they learn that customers value the experience of buying more than the money spent? The attitude is unacceptable from a famous designer like Masaba Gupta. Even small local boutiques offer a refund if we are not happy with the alteration! And here the dress seems to have vanished into thin air. I suppose they think that now that the dress is already sold, they needn’t bother abt it anymore. Huh! *pan* *pan*

  6. This entire episode is so unfortunate and Masaba Gupta is so unprofessional. She is selling low quality merchandise in the name of designer wear. Highly unprofessional and unethical to close her eyes on this issue….

      1. And such lame excuse I have never heard…..”if you don;t believe our tailor is sick, visit him in the hospital”….I mean WTH *hunterwali*

  7. Ohhhhh my my *scared* *scared* how dumb is that… that is sooo unethical… *pan* *pan* *pan* i mean first they want to sell dresses and then they don’t give it only.. that sounds soo insane *secret* Atleast they could have sent an aoplogy that we will revert back but not even that *headbang* Seriously so kind of you to share this as it may aware many of us regarding such fraudulent practises *spank* *spank*

    1. Seriously Saloni… must read our FB thread on the issue….its not only Rati who’s had problems with Masaba’s stuff *announce* *announce* *announce*

      1. Seriously and she says some pathetic tailor prbs *headbang* i think being a known designer she should have more than 2 tailors lol… rofl rofl rofl

  8. Give a letter in writing to the store in charge and demand a reply in writing. Mark CC to all the concerned. Give copy of the letter to all concerned. Keep photocopies of the receipt, of the issue being mentioned in social networking sites . It is best to forward a registered post with acknowledgement.

  9. visit the tailor in the hospital???? *duh* *spank* *spank* are they serious??? she has already earned such a bad name with this.. i think she’ll soon have to put a lock to her stores… *hunterwali* *hunterwali*

  10. My cousin was planning to visit her store but after reading this on fb she has decided not to.
    we are spreading this news with our freinds. This is so unprofessional and the sad part is they get away with this… She must give the refund….

    1. Nix……the quality is not that great, the least you would expect is muslin cloth for Rs. 8000

  11. Sanjeev/Rati,

    This is really sad, that you had to go through this all. I have the following suggestions for you.

    1. The consumer forum on which you have posted your concern is just a forum, and holds no legal value, so you cannot take any legal action from there.
    2. It is good that you posted it on your FB page, so that at least people get to know the truth about the designer. If possible, can you share this on FB pages of all the designer stores that sell her collection.
    3. You should send out a legal notice to the store and Masaba both with copies of your bills and receipts
    4. Try to contact some media house for pushing up such stories.

  12. U must go with the consumer complaint remedy. I m a lawyer. Time is crucial. And in consumer courts u don’t even need a lawyer. Its not very time consuming also. Please do take this route.

  13. If they can behave this way with you guys I shudder to think how little importance the people from ordinary walks of life would get. This is completely unacceptable.

  14. Hey guys…this is the most unfortunate incidence….Did not expect Masaba to be so unprofessional…like this they would not survive in the market at all….they have no value for their brand….had they been concerned they would have def replied back with a solution…. Rati u must file a complaint at consumer court and do send a legal notice to their store….we need to show them how to give it back…. *pan* *pan* …..they should be taught a lesson to fool the customers like that and to follow such bad practices…. *duel* *duel* *spank* *spank*

  15. Rati did u check her tweet, she suddenly seems to come bak to senses n reply u. Her assistant will b calling u she Dats, Lol.
    Poor she getting afraid of d negative publicity *hihi* *hihi*

  16. Hi All,

    Masaba Gupta has finally replied to Rati and said she would sort out the issue. The store manager Ankita called up and said Rati can take the dress. Rati has told her that she wants the refund now. They are not ready for refund yet. Ankita would get back to us on this.

    1. Lol i think after so much of negative publicity she had to take this step or else they wouldn’t have *nonono* *nonono* i think Rati di should go only for refund now *haan ji* *haan ji*

      1. Sanjeev do not leave them….. *nonono* *nonono* you must pressurize them for refund… *duel* *duel*

  17. Hi Rati……I have a very strong feeling that this matter will be resolved in your favor. Just wait and watch……cheating and fraud can never win over simple and honest to you..! *puchhi*

  18. Ankita, the Masaba store manager called up again. She is asking us to take store credit and buy something else. Rati has told her that she does not want to be associated with the Masaba brand anymore. We want the refund only.

    1. Hey Rati, reached this thread from recent tweet of Masaba.
      After so much of chaos, they could have at least saved the face by going a step ahead and offer full refund proactively.
      I am wondering what has happened to there customer service and are they really not scared of losing all that business and brand reputation because of ‘manhandling’ of a dress !

  19. Can’t believe Designer like Masaba can be so unprofessional. I loved her designs and followed her style quotient too. Unbelievable !! *shock* Anyhow, Rati di..go for refund only !! 🙂

  20. In any business I think what works is the polite manner and honesty towards your work. Being big name is ok but if your actions are like this one day you would be pulled down no matter how long you have been in the business *hunterwali* *hunterwali* *announce* *announce* *announce* spread the word…its so unfair on their part…..its that our hard earned money and we sweat out to earn it…..CHOR CHOR

  21. First of all her designs are soo bad.. I hate those fans n all.. Same design is repeated in every outfit.. Herecomes the review of her store. Glad I never fell. Will never let anybody buy from her again. Nau takke ki tailoriya kahi ki

  22. Rati, Sanjeev and Jomol I have copied and pasted this on her instagram account where she was celebrating the Vogue fund… *devil*

  23. I had copied and pasted this on her instagram account where she was celebrating the Vogue fund. *devil* .

  24. Thank you so much everyone 🙂

    Today morning, the masaba gupta store called up Rati and told her that she can have her refund. So finally! 🙂

    I think all the credit goes to you guys for supporting us and helping us get our money back. So thank you again. 🙂

    1. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* Yayyyy… Unity is strength…. Cheers to the all imbbians…. *hifive*

  25. Congrats *pompom* *happy dance* *happy dance*
    Apni jeet ho unki haar haan!!! rofl *happy dance*

  26. Not a sign of proffessionalism, she should take care of every customer in a good way. I would say u have done the right thing by putting the matter on net, *hunterwali* this is the right treatment for them.

  27. Funny it is! In times when customer service is key, they are keeping their credibility at stake for those Rs 8000. The designers only love their celeb clients, I think they are not worth coming into the forefront retail market with stores that can reach to a larger audience, an audience which can bloody well afford their clothes.

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