Detoxify Your Skin Naturally in 6 Simple Ways

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I went to watch Bajirao Mastani last weekend. Deepika, PC and Ranveer have delivered spectacular performances and the art work is beyond imagination. Let’s talk about today’s post. We all know about detoxification and its necessity for living healthy. The entire body spa is the most common way to get rid of all harmful toxins, but how do you perform skin detoxification?

Detoxify Your Skin Naturally In 6 Simple Ways-detox

There is no as such difference between body detoxification and skin detoxification and it can be easily followed at home and that too with natural ingredients. Before jumping to natural ways of skin detoxification, I would like to mention some benefits of detoxifying skin at decent intervals of time:

Advantages of detoxifying skin:
• Skin becomes soft and supple without rushing for frequent facials.
• Skin gets natural radiance and long-lasting glow which is quite hard to achieve from ordinary skin care regime.
• This detoxification prevents wrinkles, skin dehydration, pigmentation and immature skin aging.
• It simply makes you feel far better about yourself.

A complete skin detoxification comprises some lifestyle changes which are essential to accomplish the process and to receive worthwhile outcomes. Below is a list of ways to detoxify your skin naturally:

1. Limit the edibles that are stored or kept in stocks
Wafers, cookies or other spicy stuff – these are the great options for leisure time eating or say emotional eating. But the habit of eating anything randomly is a curse for your skin. These foods are stored in bulk and kept for days. To keep your skin fresh and healthy, you need to replace such edibles with fresh organic fruits. Cut your favorite fruits and add some yogurt. You can create more and better recipes, but try to avoid adding sugar in it. This is the simplest recipe to skip unhealthy stuff from your table.

Detoxify Your Skin Naturally In 6 Simple Ways-chips

2. Colon cleansing to remove toxins
You might have heard about it. Colon cleansing includes a number of therapies which completely remove any sort of toxin from the body. It is also known as intestinal cleansing as it is performed to clean the harmful toxins (in the form of stool) present in stomach. A diet rich in fiber will also help.

3. Avoid chemical-laden cosmetics
If you think that you skin is more prone to various skin issues that you must understand that it is a sign to limit or restrict cosmetics made with chemicals. There are scarce makeup ranges having paraben-free products, so you must give a try to natural or herbal products. Besides makeup, consider natural recipes for skin care regimen such as homemade scrub, face pack, toner etc.

Detoxify Your Skin Naturally In 6 Simple Ways-fruits

4. Analyze and recover from nutritional deficiency
Obviously you need to consult a doctor because you cannot analyze the lack of nutrients in your body. You will come to know about this in a single sitting. Lack of some prominent nutrients has a major impact on your skin. So, recover the deficiency once you discover it.

5. Start your day with honey
Instead of starting the day with caffeine, make a sweet start with honey. If you do not like to drink green tea, you can add some drops of lemon and honey to make it taste even more delicious. Besides this, ginger tea is a tastier alternative. Boil grated ginger in a cup of water and mix a tablespoon of honey. Commence an energetic day with this refreshing cup of tea.

Detoxify Your Skin Naturally In 6 Simple Ways-drink

6. Switch to alkaline-rich fruits and veggies
Excess intake of acidic edibles is the major cause of numerous skin issues. To balance the amount of acid and alkaline in your body, just switch to alkaline-rich foods such as apple, broccoli, banana, pears, spinach, watermelon etc.
These are the surefire ways to detoxify your skin naturally at home.

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