Dhathri Real Slim Oil Review

I had ordered for Dhathri Real Slim Oil immediately after my pregnancy because I was concerned mighty about the extra flab that I had gained. Dhathri Real Slim is a widely publicized product like Sumangaly Ayurvedic cream and at one point of time, it had gained popularity as a magic mantra, which could get back women to their pre-pregnancy body shape. Since I was desperate to get back my pre-pregnancy body, I ordered two bottles of Dhathri Real Slim Oil.

dhatri real slim oil


Dhathri Real Slim Oil is a unique preparation emerging from ancient Ayurveda. Dhathri Real Slim Oil is formulated with rare Ayurvedic herbs which gives a beautiful look and shape to your body. Dhathri Real Slim Oil acts by reducing unwanted cellulite, tightening of slack tissues and reducing water retention. In addition to the lipolytic activity, Dhathri Real Slim Oil makes the skin smooth and supple.


ingr slim oil

PRICE: Rs. 225 for 100 mL.

• Massage Dhathri Slim Oil on your hips, thighs & upper arms / swelling areas for 15-20 minutes and allow it to remain for 30 minutes.
• For better result: Cover the area with hot bag or towel for 10-15 minutes. Apply oil twice a day.


Dhathri Real Slim Oil comes in a shiny silver packaging. The packaging makes a good impression and assures you that you have bought a real good product. The white bottle with the flip-open cap contains this very-herbal smelling brown and runny liquid formula. A look at the bottle and I realized that with this amount, it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to lose even an insignificant amount of tiny flab. In fact, it would take many such bottles even if the potion were to work in some way. Anyway, I took a little oil into my hands and rubbed it in err….(embarrassed to say this) abdominal area and massaged it for around 10 minutes. This massaging procedure is so tedious and then I had to apply hot towel over the area. While massaging the oil in, I could feel a warm sensation, which meant that the oil was working, but I had to do this twice a day. I religiously followed it until I ran out of the potion in less than 15 days. Another bottle which I had with me got over in another 15 days. The changes were there, but were quite insubstantial and insignificant when compared to the effort and amount of oil I was putting in.
The results I got with two expensive bottles of Dhathri Real Slim oil were comparable to a 12-second trailer for a 3-1/2 mega feature film. After using two bottles of Dhathri oil, I felt walking was doing much good to me than this oil, so I didn’t order any more.

dhatri real slim oil


• Contains all natural ayurvedic ingredients.
• Works a tad bit if you follow it religiously and as prescribed on the cover.
• Packaging is good and impressive.


dhatri real slim oil
• The results that I got with this oil is similar to that of a 12-second trailor of a 3-1/2 movie….errr…I already said that….but anyway, I wanted to emphasize this point.
• The price is too costly for an amount that will last you only 15 days.
• The results are visible, but then a whole lot of Dhathri Real Slim bottles will be required to get the desired result.
• Massaging of the oil for 20 minutes and then covering the area with hot towel and then keeping it for 30 minutes is time consuming and tedious.
• Physical activity such as walking or jogging will work in a much better way to reduce flab than this oil.

IMBB STAR RATING: 2/5…..+2 for the possibility that it will work if you apply lots of oil religiously.

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32 thoughts on “Dhathri Real Slim Oil Review

  1. Honestly I dont have so much of patience to religiously follow this routine of applying oil twice a day amd message for 15 mins..i’d rather conitue brisk walking/yoga/skipping which helps to maintain weight and really freshens me up :jiggy1: :jiggy1:
    :thanks: Thanks for the review..this is def not for me :nono:

  2. there are also oils from VLCC which is 3 times costlier, than this, all craps !! :yuck: Walking , cycling, hitting treadmill, yoga, works better !

  3. Thanks for this review, i was eyeing such products after delivering my baby girl, (VLCC oils etc) that wud help u shape up ur abdomen after pregnancy.

    Now i too can avoid this waste of money and try to increase physical activity. btw my darling daughter is 8 monhts now but my abdominal fat makes me still look pregnant 😥

    1. hi firdous these anti cellulite oils doesn’t work really, if you want to loose abdominal fat do crunches and have balanced diet :)) :))

  4. :announce: :announce: Jomol was u looking for Twins kya ?:) ?:) :shocked: thats wy u ordered two bottles Real Slim Oil ?:) :angel: :puchhi: :lol2: :lol2:

  5. Rofl Sim
    I remember reading a couple of reviews of Jomol
    she alwaz add’s funny comments to the products
    i remember the gold price being included for some cream containing gold particles :lol2: :stars:

  6. Nice review Jomol!!! Its soo much fun to read them!! 😛 he he….I don’t believe in these miraculous anti-cellulite products too..and Oriflame sells it for like 700-1500 bucks!! :wilt:

  7. Nice review jomol. I think whatever result you have got is more because of the physical exercise of massaging the oil rather than the oil itself. 😆 😆

  8. gosh…these oil and their claims…my sister instead of spending time walking and exercising has gone and bought some lavanya thailam oil that will reduce wtg…..i gave her a good piece of my mind.. doing housework will be better than applying oil….u will def loose some wtg doing jaaduuu pooochaaaa…. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

    1. :haanji: jaaduuu poochaaa…….then oil massaging ……..again jaaduuu poochaaa……..then oil massaging……..double fayeda………health aur ghar dono chaka chak………. in :tongue: :tongue:

  9. I tried to post a comment from my cell 🙁 Im unable to post comments from my cell :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

    @Jomolayyyyyyyyy I agree- Actually using any oil is good if you want to avoid stretch marks but I donno how mych of weight loss it will induce unless u are massaging it like pros… I also wanted to get VLCC one but I knew Im not going to do so much mehnat Khi khi khi

  10. Ya Rati this problem is existing from last saturday or sunday… I am not able to Access IMBB through Phone :weep: pl check on this issue…

  11. i Have stupid stretch marks from pregnancy. 🙁 AND some major flab!! I opened this link with a wicked hope in my heart, but NO!!! Nice review! I was about to get desperate and order some silly product like this!

  12. I used this oil continuously for 3 months. I didn’t notice evn an inch difference in my waist size. May be it works in some others, and not all.

  13. :whistle: I to after my delivery strtd doing household say aftr 40 days :victory2: and nw my son is 2 yrs n i m bk to wt i was wen gt married :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: even aftr 6 mnths of delivery i wz bk reason doing household and mild yoga :)) no rigrous xrcise :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: 😉 best is to strt wid mild yoga.ur body need rest to tht time :yahoo: :yahoo:

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