Dial Triple Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash Review

Dial Triple Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash

Hello Girls,

I hope you all had an awesome time on Holi.  Talking about today’s product, my obsession for bath and body products are not unknown on IMBB but this product was more of a necessity for me than temptation. I have normal body skin which is turning dry by staying in AC 24X7. Especially the skin on my back feels scratchy at times and that is very uncomfortable. So I decided to get more moisturization in my skin care, and so I went in look for a more moisturizing body wash and came back with this body wash which was voted product of the year for 2013.


Price: $3.97 for 16oz

What Product Claims: A creamy blend of shea, jojoba and mango butters help give Dial® Triple Moisture Body Wash three times more moisturizers* and a rich lather that wraps your skin in softness, leaving it feeling softer after each wash.



My Experience with Dial Triple Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash:

This body wash is something which we can call a body cream in place of a body wash. The consistency is very creamy and thick. It comes with the goodness of triple butters Shea butter, Jojoba and mango Butter and this richness can easily be felt in the product. It lathers well and is easy to wash. It leaves skin feeling moisturized and hydrated, but no film is left on skin. After using this product the stretchy feeling of dry skin is gone, and my skin feels better than before.


It is white in colour and has mild flowery fragrance which feels great in the shower. Though this mild smell doesn’t last on skin long but that’s not an issue with me at all. As I have bought this for the moisturization part and not the smell. It comes in plastic bottle with flip open cap which is easy to use and is leak proof. I can say that after using this I totally understand why this was voted the product of the year.


Pros of Dial Triple Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash:

• Very moisturizing and hydrating.
• Saviour for dry skin.
• Lathers well and is easy to wash too.
• Leaves no film behind.
• Easy to use, spill proof packaging.
• Very affordable.


Cons of Dial Triple Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash:

• Nothing I can think of now .

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I be repurchasing Dial Triple Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Wash?

Of course I will.

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  1. This looks greatt *woot* *woot* triple hydration claim proved to be true thats the best part *happy dance* *happy dance* will look forward to this one once i finish my shower gels *happy dance*

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