Diana of London 2 in 1 Eye & Lip Liner Pencil–12 Brownie Brown

Diana of London 2 in 1 Eye & Lip Liner Pencil – 12 Brownie Brown

Hey ya ladies 🙂

I’m really impressed to see that IMBB is continuously improvising this already very famous blog. Anyway, recently I was stocking up my tiny make-up collection, partly through stores and partly by online shopping. Some of them (e.g. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss) were totally bought trusting IMBB..I’m soo happy! This was another small discovery of mine that I found during recent online shopping. After my disaster with Miss Claire’s brown shade, I was looking for a brown eye pencil and lacking a brownish lip liner too. This I thought was the answer to my question. Let us find out how my journey with this one went so far….

diana of london eye and lip linerpencil (7)

Product Description:

Supreme texture, pure color pigment, soft and gentle lead, glides on effortlessly both on eye and lip for a smooth, compatible long lasting finish. Vitamin-E and other active ingredients protect and nourish the delicate skin around lip area.
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Rs. 225/- for 1.05 g


It’s a sleek brown pencil with a golden cap (without a seal). It is perhaps after ages that I’m using a sharpening eye pencil 🙁 although I’m not fond of such operating mechanisms, but kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai! The lead i.e. kohl part is extremely soft, like “handle with care”…it breaks off often. Even while taking the swatches I had to sharpen it twice.
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The texture is extremely soft & smooth with good amount of moisture. It really glides like heaven. But we need to take care not to apply too much pressure as the tip breaks off.


The color is a dark brown in single swipe. If you wish to get the exact brownie brown, then give some more swipes and ready to go. The color is quite dark, but it will gel well with most of the brown shades. It has no shimmer, totally a matte pigmented color. It looks really nice, especially on the lips. It can work well on the lips. I’m really doubtful for its usage around the eyes, why, read the following.

Smudge, Irritation & Water-resistance:

It is smudge proof. It really doesn’t get smeared off on my waterline or lash line. But frankly, this one too, is not that visible on my waterline. I better use it on my lash line. It is not irritating at all, like some others, especially VLCC & Lakme Satin black (oh, they make my eyes simply burn, when I have my lenses on).

Talking about water resistance, here it gets a thumbs down. Total NO NO! As soon as your eyes/lips come in contact with water it starts fading and slowly it’s gone and gone out of your sight..sigh :(. And at times while washing my face, if my hands accidentally rub on my eyes, it spreads all over..so I’m afraid to use this one for my eyes. Now I use it for my lips only, as a lip liner. For me, it is too good to be an eye product.

diana of london eye and lip liner pencil

Staying Power:

On eyes: It all depends on water contact. But even if it doesn’t come in contact with water, it stays fine for about 4 hours and then starts to fade. But in case if it comes in contact with water, then it will spread and what you need to do is touch up!

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On Lips: I used this one as a lip liner and with minimal eating and drinking, it stays on for about 3 hours with meals in between. We can say that it is quite an average staying power.


diana of london eye and lip liner pencil

Pros of Diana 2 in 1 Eye & Lip Liner Brownie Brown:

• It is a soft and smooth liner pencil, glides easily.
• The color is a dark brown, which will match up with most of the brown lipsticks.
• It is a smudge proof liner.
• Reasonable price.
• Available in a wide variety of shades.

Cons of Diana 2 in 1 Eye & Lip Liner Brownie Brown:

• It is not waterproof at all, hence it cannot work well as an eye-liner pencil.
• Not available in a twist-up packaging.
• The lead of the pencil is so soft that it breaks off frequently.
• Staying power is very average.
• I don’t think it is travel friendly, the sharpening part can betray a person any time 😛

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase it?

No..no way
Overall: It surely won’t work if you’re looking for a pencil that will serve dual purpose. It can only work as a lip liner pencil.

Have a Happy Day 🙂

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