Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick – Carribean Glow

Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick – Carribean Glow

Ultra soft texture, provides feeling of lightness & absolute comfort.

Luminous & excellent color patoff.

Velvety finish with vitamin E & anti-ageing properties

Diana of London Pure Addiction Carribean Glow

Another lipstick 😛 well technically I havent explored much of Diana of London and this is the third only lipstick from them 😛 I did like some more reds, but this one and Casablanca are too good to miss

Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick Ingredients

When I first saw them, all of them very metallic-y and loud I thought, and I had lost hope of finding a creamy wearable shade for myself! but when I happened to go to Angel here in Chennai, I managed to see a lot more shades, well most of them were brought but some were the nude types, this one ofcourse is a classic peachy shade.


INR 525

The color is a peachy shade, and it is I think a very popular shade family with all of us, it could be called coral too. The feel to the lispticks is like..mm how should I explain this, it feels like some gel :p it is sticky but when you glide it it glides on well, and it sets after application, as in not dry but still it does not smudge upto 40%. It looks like a moisture shine lipstick and feels like it is infused with water I dont know that is why I am saying its like a gel, not cream form 😛

Diana of London Pure Addiction carribean glow

The price and the packaging dont go hand in hand, I find the packaging well made but very bright, it is thought about but it is not appealing, it is not cheap quality but somehow it lacks appeal and class! I am sorry if you dont agree, may be they can make it slimmer and not so shinier you know. Anyway what I got inside was world-class!

Diana of London Pure Addiction carribean glow (4)


Diana of London Pure Addiction carribean glow (3)


The quantity feels great too, the pack is sturdy, great for travel and the lippy does not dent or break, everything is fine but the silvery packing, which is fine too but when you get a great product inside, you feel everything else should be perfect too. It has no odor more or less so makes for a great lipstick for me in every way!


Diana of London Pure Addiction carribean glow (5)


Diana of London Pure Addiction carribean glow (7)

The color and the staying power ( lesser than Casablanca ) is the best part, though it is moisture finish it does not smudge or bleed, half survives a meal and the staying power is way better than other lighter lipsticks you might have tried. Over all, I think it is a great lipstick but is feels very slightly sticky and that actually helps lips stay moisturized. Dry lips would love this lipstick and so will all peachy and coral lips lovers.


Diana of London Pure Addiction carribean glow swatch


peachy lips


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27 thoughts on “Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick – Carribean Glow

  1. love this range from Diana of London. *haan ji* so soft n moisturising n pigmented *clap*
    i love the color neha di. i wanna get this *drool* u know ur lips make every lipstick look beautiful. i remember there was a lipstick from lotus which u hated but still the swatch looked so pretty

  2. the packaging looks soo pretty….and the color looks amazing…..neha i would love to see your complete lipstick collection *happy dance*

  3. What a beautiful shade Neha di *drool* *drool* i loved its packaging… pink and classy *powder* *jalwa* and hottie swatch as usual *haan ji* *jalwa*

  4. hey neha since ur d queen of lipstick can i plz request something…..u have beautiful pink lips ba unfortunately i have very pigmented lips…when u review a shade can u plz mention if it will uit pigmented lips also….it will b of gr8 help thanx….already i have bookmarked all ur post *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*

  5. Beautifulllll Nehaaa… How do you Manage such perfect LOTD’s ! *powder* You are tooooo good 😀 The shade and motu pinky packaging is awesome!

  6. gosh u took my heart away.. *shy* *whistle* *whistle* *jai ho* the lippy looks so creamy even in pics know.. *woot* am really tempted to try them now.. *drool*

  7. Neha, the colour looks so gud…i mean ur lips look perfect…. *puchhi* ….i have a similar shade but it doesnt look as nice as dis one… *headbang*
    i am following ur posts for all the possible info on lipsticks…colours, textures…. *haan ji* *clap*

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