Diana of London Surprise Lipstick – Pink Rose

Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Pink Rose

By Harshita Misra

Hola Bonitas (hello beauties)!

Finally I got a chance to interact with all beautiful ladies at IMBB. Today I am reviewing my first product from Diana of London. Before buying it I was bit puzzled but after first my application of lipstick, I felt happy that I went for it. No doubt it is one of the finest products if you compare price with the quality. I was looking for a lip colour which has a decent staying power with moisturising effect. Then I came across Diana of London Surprise Lipstick. It claims Semi Matte finish with vitamin E, non fading, non-allergic and long lasting formula. So I decided to give it a try!

Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Pink Rose

What the company claims:

  • Protects your lips from the summer blazing sun, dry heat and freezing winds. Soft creamy texture, semi matte best shades keeps the lips soft and supple.
  •  Excellent colour pay-off and high coverage in just one stroke.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and sun filters.
  •  Non feathering and Non Bleeding
  •  Lips appear healthier, softer, smoother and more radiant than before.
  •  Brings comfort & hydration up to 8 hours. (From Official website)

Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Pink Rose (3)

How true the claims are:

No doubt it has a soft creamy texture, keeps the lips soft and supple and has semi-matte finish. The pigmentation is awesome and has good coverage even in one stroke and also it is non-feathering and non-bleeding. But, it doesn’t hydrate the lips up to 8 hours. It hydrates and keeps the lips smoother for 4-5 hours even if you take a little tea or coffee.

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Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Pink Rose


Rs. 400/- (now hiked I suppose)


My experience with Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Pink Rose:

Diana of London surprise lipstick comes in nice attractive packing. Other lipsticks of this range don’t have that stunning a packaging. So, you always fall in love at first sight. It has a radiant blue packing with a royal look. The cap is made of strong metal and the overall look is classy.

Diana of London Surpise lipstick Pink Rose

Pink rose contradicts the shade and is brownish rose pink in colour. I struggled hard to find pink in it but failed. Although in bright sunlight it looks like a rose colour while in the dark it appears as a brownish rose shade. It is very much visible in the photos. It has tint of Indian rose colour which is visible when the colour fades out after 4-5 hours. It is not the daily wear shade for early twenties. Although it is a darker shade, it will suit most of the Indian skin, hence I must say that it is worth trying. It will work well on pigmented lips also. Mine are very mildly pigmented lips (only at the corners) so you can trust the colour swatches in the photos. After application, it gives a radiant look to the face as well. It goes nicely with light eye makeup. Half an hour after application the pigmentation settles down to a smart matte finish and does not stick to the coffee mug but after instant application, due to its creamy texture it has a  tendency to leave stains.


Diana of London Surpise lipstick Pink Rose (5)

Pros of Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Pink Rose:

 A beautiful brownish rose colour which will suit Indian skin.
 Attractive and smart packing.
 Lipstick with soft creamy texture  will hydrate and moisten the lips up to 4-5 hours.
 Amazing staying power, when it fades it leaves a rose tint shade.
 Contains vitamin E and sun filters.
 Very nice pigmentation and add radiance to the looks.
 Non feathering and non-bleeding.
 Glides very smoothly on lips and give a semi-matte finish.
 It gives you a very nice feeling after application.
 Non allergic (as they claim).

Diana of London Surpise lipstick Pink Rose swatches

Cons of Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Pink Rose:

 Doesn’t live upto 8 hour claim.
 Contains ethylparaben and propylparaben.

Diana of London Surpise lipstick Pink Rose swatches (2)


Will I repurchase/do I recommend Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Pink Rose?

Yes yes yes!! Go for it beauties. One Diana of London is a must lippy in your vanity. I will definitely try other shades of it.

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  1. 🙂 Welcome to IMBB Harshita
    what should I say, I loved the review lipstick and the lotds 🙂
    i am currently loving this brand and yes it does last long na *happydance*

  2. woo such pretty shade and gorgeous swatches.. *whistle* *woot* great review dear.. *clap* *clap*

  3. welcome to imbb harshita 🙂 The lip color looks nice but I think it’s your lip swatches that made the lipstick look so gorgeous!! :)) Looking forward to more reviews from you *hifive*

    1. Thanks Rati 🙂
      I am so happy to be the part of IMBB. After my exams I will review some more products. 🙂 . Thank you for encouraging *shy*
      Lottsss of love for making all this possible *haan ji* <3

  4. Very pretty and beautiful shade Harshita *powder* *woot* its looking soo gorgeous on you… you have showed it really well in the pics… loved the LOTDs … *happy dance* *happy dance* *hifive*

  5. hi harshita…yeah u r absolutely right bout this lipstick…i read the blog n then bought it n rite now i m jss lovin it….mwwaahhh…. *pompom* plzz do write bout the other products as well i m waitin…love……

  6. Nice review girl!!! *pompom* *pompom*
    This shade somehow reminds me of Lakme’s Aphrodite Blush shade to me!! How I love that cute little thing!!! *drool* *drool* *haan ji* *hihi*

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