Diana of London Surprise Lipstick: Soft Plum 26

Diana of London Surprise Lipstick: Soft Plum 26

Diana of London Surprise Lipstick Soft Plum 26

Semi-Matte Finish with Vitamin E

Product Description:

Non-fading, non-allergic, protects your lips from the summer blazing sun, dry heat and freezing winds, soft creamy texture, semi matte, best shades, keeps the lips soft and supple.

semi matte

I had to try Diana of London lipsticks for the heck of it. I don’t know anything about this brand except the fact that it looks so loud and shiny and the packaging too is a little 🙄 blingy, but since some ladies were all praise for these lipsticks, I thought I might give it one try.  I had never ever stopped at the DOL counter and never wished too because it always looked so 🙄 “bling bling” :D, but I got it online by fluke and ordered a plum shade.  I thought I had enough of nudes and bricks with me and that I must try some color that I don’t have much of and chances are there that I might use it for a change.

Semi matte finish

I think Diana of London has three kinds of lipsticks, out of which one says “semi matte” and this is the range.  It calls itself “Surprise” lipstick, I don’t know why 😆 Though it was a surprise for me since I had ordered it online and never knew what shade it would turn out to be.


The shade I must say was not exactly to my liking.  I wear mainly brown and brick or coral based shades, but I wanted to venture into plums, so I ordered “soft plum.” Now, it does say “semi matte” and the texture feels matte, but the finish is not so matte remember. I know it says “semi,” but I found the finish to be glazy and not matte.  I wish it was creamy in finish and texture and not glazy.

The lip swatch you see has been blended with a fingertip and I have dabbed it with tissue to mute down the color as it could have been a real loud shade for me and my complexion. I had to tone it down and I saw it become a little softer pink and not a shiny purple.


The shade as such is a very very bright blue and pink-based purple.  I don’t know how else to define it, but you can see for yourself that it really shines through in the swatch as well. I would have expected a little toned-down, creamy, mauvey-purple, but this turned out to be a loud purple.


The texture I must say is fanstastic. It glides on like butter but doesn’t melt or anything. I mean it is not so soft to break and yet when you swipe it across it comes out very smooth and creamy. The pigmentation is fanstatic too. one sweep gives fantastic color so much so that I need to tone it down

I recommended this shade to fair-skinned would-be brides and only for parties and your purple silks. It’s a little too loud for me honestly, but I do agree, it really lifts up the face for me. It brightens the face and leaves little scope for any other makeup, and I know you know what I mean. :toothygrin:


I think for 400 rupees, it is a little overpriced and the shades need to be really worked upon. The packaging is so shiny and blingy, almost mirror finish that I could use it to apply makeup had it been flat.  The lipstick shade and the packaging both are too shiny for me to handle honestly.


Last Word on Diana of London Surprise Lipstick: Soft Plum 26:

Just for the sake of trying it out, try some Diana of London products.  These are very pigmented and very smooth lipsticks with very bright colors. I don’t know if I can find much to pick up from such a range.  I am yet to see nudes from this brand and will update you all when I visit the counter. I don’t recommend spending 400 rupees on these unless you know what these feel like.


Lip Swatch

IMBB Rating:

3.7 on 5 (very smooth and very pigmented, but 🙄 everything about this lipstick feels like Christmas again :snicker:)

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42 thoughts on “Diana of London Surprise Lipstick: Soft Plum 26

  1. Great colour – looks lovely on your skin at swatch. :drool:
    Only the ingredients are… well… not that good.

    @Rati: Could your please check your mirror-email-addy?
    Was thinking to ring you but decided to wait for a reply :jaiho:

  2. Candy Floss Pink..!! Can raise Innocence/Glamour Quotient instantly..depending upon the way one uses it.. 🙂 Not my cuppa tea/coffee or milkshake either.. :tongue: as me having a Sunkissed Complexion.. 🙂 But looks fab on your Oh-So-Perfect lips.. :yes:

    1. :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: coming from you it means everything to me :rose: :rose:

  3. It looks like a very pretty color, Neha! I like your lip swatch. I’m guessing the dabbing at it and toning it down really works, because I don’t think it’s loud at all! :))

  4. Neha kuch bhi ho!!! i still lovvvvvvve the shade,,,,, 😀 😀 i love bright colours as they brighten my face… :happydance:
    Thanks fr sharing dear :teddy:

  5. Hi Neha….I think you just read my mind. You know I love brights and I was looking for a colour exactly like this….here’s a hug for you….. :hugleft: , coz these days I am going a bit crazy over plums and violets in lippies, and also I bought quite a few lippies from Faces after seeing your reviews. Thanks a lot, I am getting this ASAP…. 😀 😀

  6. lol, the bling bling bit made me laugh. I’ve also found diana of london very loud and stayed away. Not my kind of shade at all, but it looks good on you.

  7. Nice revu..neha…but this look so similar to addictive magenta in colorbar velvt matte. Tht i have…but this have slight glossyy finish no…dat is pure matte..looks gorgeus anywayss…

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