Diana of London Eyeliner Pencil Arabian Nights Review

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This week, I was so much held up with work and training schedules ,that I could not get involved much on IMBB.But I devoted some time after I came back home. Once my sonnie hit bed, I was fully free to do my piece of work. This product I’m reviewing today, is a long pending one, which I’ve been using for a while now and decided to do it today for you girls.

diana-of london eyeliner pencil

I am here with the review of Diana Of London eye pencil”Arabian Nights”. This is yet an addition to my eye makeup stuffs. I had no prior experience with this brand, but I just got it for the sake of trying.

Read further to know if this satisfied me.

What Diana Of London claims?(Taken from the website)

Supreme texture, pure colour pigment, soft and gentle lead, glides on effortlessly both on eye and lip for a smooth, compatible long lasting finish. Vitamin-E and other active ingredients protect and nourish the delicate skin around lip area.

diana of london eyeliner pencil

Application Tips

For a thin line gently glide liner along your lower and upper lash lines. To build a thicker line, add three to four lines to your original application.

Available Shades

  • Smokey Grey
  • Olive Green
  • Arabian Night
  • Coffee Bean

Price –Rs 245,but got it at a discounted price of Rs.225

Diana of london eyeliner

My taken on Diana Of London eyeliner pencil “Arabian Night”

Firstly the shade, it is a rich black shade, as the name suggest.

The packing is the traditional pencil type with a sturdy cap,golden in color.The texture of the eyeliner is not ultra smooth. It is Just ok to draw the line on your lids and you water line. What I liked about this pencil is the staying power. It stays good for 5-6 hours on your eyes and then starts fading out slowly. This is if and only if you don’t touch and fidget your eyes.

I was little sceptic initially to try this on my water line fearing irritation to my contact lens eyes. But to my surprise, it did not.I felt comfortable, the whole day having it on my waterline.

It is not true to its claims of being smudge proof. It smudges very badly.You slightly rub your eyes with this and you end up getting the raccoon look!!

One another thing that disappointed me is this liner application. The tip is a little fat and gives a fatty line on your lids. Since I prefer drawing fat lines with liners, it was ok for me. The application was not as smooth as the other pencil liners I have used. It tugs badly and I had to struggle a lot to draw out the desired line.Phew!!

What I like about Diana Of London eyeliner pencil”Arabian Night”

  • Rich dark shade which is intense
  • Staying power is good
  • No irritation on water line
  • Easily available
  • Reasonably priced.

What I dislike about Diana Of London eyeliner pencil “Arabian Night”

  • Application is difficult- tugs on eyelids
  • Smudges-on the contrary to what it claims
  • Pencil type that needs sharpening for every use
  • Fat tipped pencil

IMBB Rating – 3.5/5

Will I repurchase Diana Of London eyeliner pencil “Arabian Night”– No.I have other better options that gives smooth and easy application of the liner

Will I recommend Diana Of London eyeliner pencil”Arabian Night”– Not really.

Overall, this liner belongs to the OK OK types, that has long staying power, , nice intense color,causing no irritation to water line. When all these are a hit, the difficulty in applying and the smudging brings it down.

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  1. Thanks for the review Rama 🙂 I always wanted to try it, but now I can skip it.
    Your eyes are so pretty Rama 🙂

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