Did you Know a Little Grooming and Makeup Can Boost Your Self Confidence Ten Folds?

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I am enjoying my time with the little one as there is some relief from the scorching heat and she has started to lay a little bit now! Today we are going to talk about self confidence and how can grooming and makeup give a boost to one’s confidence.

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Self confidence is the feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgment. Confidence can make or break a lot of things. Self confident people tend to do better in life, be it interviews, social hangouts, on romantic dates or achieving their goals. You will be surprised to know that grooming and make up plays an important role in building once morale. For men, off course grooming plays an important role and so is true for us females as well.

So let’s look at few aspects of grooming and makeup.

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• A clean body is definitely what pleases everyone. Taking care of yourself and staying clean can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself. Small things like trimming and shaping your nails, flossing your teeth and showering daily can give you an upper hand.

• Smelling good and fresh gives confidence to meet and greet people. Body odor is definitely a big put off for anyone!

• Scrubbing your feet, toes and hands regularly removes dead skin and makes hands and legs more presentable.

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• Keeping your hair well nourished and in shape also boosts your personality making you look and feel good about yourself.

• Regularly getting your eyebrows done and getting rid off excess facial hair makes you look clean and enhance your features.

• Make up should not be used to correct your flaws, it should be used to hide those little imperfections.

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• Foundation should not be used to change your skin color, but if used to even out your skin tone, then it would add to your beauty.

• Blush gives you a natural glow, bringing out your inner beauty to the surface.

• Eye liner and kajal if used in moderation, enhance your beautiful eyes and attract attention.

• Make up should be used to enhance what you already have.

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• Buy fitted clothes. Clothes should never pull or grape. Choose colors according to the occasion and venue. Being well dressed adds cookie points to your personality. But this doesn’t mean that at home also you need to be wearing tight jeans of business formals. You can be as relaxed at home as you like .

• Makeup empower women by giving us the ability to enhance our appearance.

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Most importantly, don’t forget to smile, no matter you feel like it or not, it makes you feel and look beautiful and other people respond to you better!

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