Diesel Fuel For Life For Her Eau de Parfum Review

Diesel Fuel For Life For Her Eau de Parfum

Diesel Fuel for life for her eau de parfum
A woody floral. A sexy energetic youth potion, with the freshness of raspberry and jasmine petals, plus the sensual, modern touch of dry wood and ambergris. Diesel Fuel For Life For Her Eau de Parfum has been created for jeans and clothing company Diesel by perfumer Thierry Wasser in 2007, a 30ml bottle costs £30 or approximately $50.

Top notes- Mandarin and Pink Pepper.
Heart notes- Blackcurrant and Jasmine.
Base notes- Patchouli and Musk.

The Diesel Fuel For Life perfume has really fun packaging—the bottles look like small flasks, and the women’s version has a cute, sexy little crocheted case, while the men’s version has a roughed up canvas covering. Without the covers, the bottles themselves are pretty simple. They’re made of clear glass, are embossed with gold lettering, and have gold caps with the Diesel logo engraved on the top.
Diesel Fuel for life bottle
I have a 30ml bottle which I got from a swap and which didn’t come with the crocheted case, but I like it just the same. It looks sleek and fits in my hand perfectly. I’ve only swapped for perfumes a few times, so I was excited and at the same time I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t like the perfume I’d be getting. When I received the Diesel Fuel For Life For Her perfume though, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

It’s pretty strong and the scent wafts all the way up to my nose after just opening the cap. The tagline for the perfume’s advertisement goes “Are you alive? Fuel for Life, the fragrance by Diesel. Use with caution”. And I must say, that’s a rather appropriate tagline.
Diesel Fuel for life
The opening is really fresh and wakes me up. It’s almost astringent, with the pink pepper tickling my nose, and there’s also ripe fruit in there. The combination may sound strange, but it’s actually pleasant and made for a good initial impression—pretty, and very summery.

The fruit note that I mentioned I was getting must be the blackcurrant, which smells a lot like ripe, sweet berries to me. More of it comes out as the perfume develops, along with a mild jasmine note. And patchouli is also definitely there, and remains there all along. I’m not very fond of patchouli and tend to steer clear of patchouli-dominated scents, but when patchouli is mixed with other notes I find it pretty interesting, which is how Fuel For Life For Her is at this point. The patchouli nicely balances and softens the sweet, berry smell of the blackcurrant. It’s rich, and different from most fruity summer fragrances that can be found at the department store.

The drydown is powdery, and retains a little bit of the fruity sweetness. It stays a warm, soft scent on my skin, and remains there for hours (there’s still a hint of it even after taking a shower), using just one or two sprays, which I find is just the right amount. I use it sparingly (or with caution, as the ad says), since it’s rich and I think it would be easy to go overboard by spritzing on too much.

I find Diesel Fuel For Life For Her to be a really fun scent. I’d use it more as an evening perfume, as I think it’d be great accompanying scent for dates or nights out, but it would be nice for daytime too, since the scent is so, well…alive. 🙂

I enjoy using this perky, fun little fragrance and am happy to have it in my collection. I would totally recommend it to those looking for a good, fun, light, patchouli-and-fruit fragrance.

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    1. Yup, definitely. :)) On online UK perfume shops the 30ml one costs 30 gbp or around $50, on Amazon there are bigger sizes for nearly the same price and some even cheaper.

    1. Must confess I haven’t seen any video ads for this, just the photos. :)) Did you find them annoying? Most youtube commercials are. 😀

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