Diet Chart to Lose Tummy Fat

This post is aimed at helping everyone who is struggling with tummy fat. Given the hectic lives that we lead today, it is not surprising that packaged foods and lack of exercise have become more like a norm. First of all, you need to understand that there are no shortcuts to a flat tummy. It is all about a proper diet plan, regular exercise, proper sleep and a lot of patience. Below is an expert-approved diet chart designed especially to help you lose fat from around the tummy.
tummy fat

Detox Drink: Instead of the plain glass of water every morning, switch things up by going for a glass of detox water that helps cleanse your systems and also aids in losing fat.
Belly Breakfast: Proteins are your best friend for breakfast. Start off with fat-free or low-fat yoghurt with berries and almonds. Add a protein shake or green tea and a serving of fruits. You can also add a bowl of oatmeal in milk because oatmeal is filled with fiber and keeps you feeling full for longer.
detox water

Mid-morning Snack: Swap your mid-morning coffee for a cup of green tea and a bowl of salad. Always choose red fruits over the rest. This is because flavonoids- found richly in red fruits are known to calm the action of fat-storing genes. Options include watermelon, red grapes and plums.

Light Lunch: Base your lunch around proteins again. Options include unprocessed eggs, poultry, fish, meats and dairy products like cottage cheese. Cut down on carbs but not entirely. Eliminating refined carbs like white breads, pastas should be just enough.

Mid-afternoon Snack: Take to a bowl of sprout salad or steamed veggies with a glass of protein smoothie, a cup of green tea or a glass of fruit juice. You can also grab some protein bars or whole grain crackers. Plan the snacks according to your daily calorie intake. You need to cut down on calories to burn fat.
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The Right Dinner: Again aim for a protein rich meal, with moderate amounts of healthy fats and whole-grain carbs. Cut down on rice. Go for a bowl of steamed broccoli and boiled or grilled meat. If the routine gets monotonous, try swapping the broccoli for a bowl of legumes and the meat for some eggs.

Other points to keep in mind:

• Along with a proper diet, remember to exercise regularly, drink lots of water, cut down on junk food, get proper sleep and stress less.
• Never skip breakfast and always go light on dinner.
• Cut down on carbohydrate but not entirely.
• Eat less sugar and calories. Increase your intake of proteins and fibers.
• Say no to heavy meals after 8pm.
• Aerobic exercise like walking, running, swimming etc. has been shown to cause major reductions in belly fat in numerous studies.
• Keep a track of your calorie intake and the amount of calories you burn.
Hope this helped! Stay fit, stay beautiful.

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