Diet Check – 12 Health-Friendly Tasty Snacks

Hey girls!
I know it’s really hard to work on your body and control your hunger or taste buds to avoid that yum pizza filled with cheese or a chocolate cake. But today I am here to share some low-calorie and almost fat free snacks that are healthy for your body and help your taste buds to relax as well.

diet friendly snacks

1. Low fat gelato or curd
Girls, you would have heard this from your grandmother many a times that eating a bowl of curd would make your skin more glowing. That is so true. You can do this by having flavoured low fat curd available in the market or you can even opt for gelato. These are also available in different flavours and contain less than 130 calories. There is another option of Greek yogurt which is the healthiest among all.


2. Low fat cheese on crackers
I became a huge fan of low fat crackers when Chitrangada Singh advertised for a cracker brand. But anyway, they never tasted good! You can buy any cracker biscuit or even homemade ones work great. Apply low fat cheese on those wholegrain crackers. This would be a combination of protein and carbs and will keep you filled for hours.

3. Popcorn
This is your all-time savior. Having a bowl of popcorn at home with very less butter or oil is the best snacking option. I opt for popcorn, bhel (the Indian bhel style at home), pani puri, or dahi puri when I feel hungry outside. These are completely fat free and would give your taste buds a satisfied feeling too.

4. Sweet potato fries
Ditch the finger chips full of oil and potato that make you fat. Instead opt for sweet potato fries. Cut the slices of sweet potato, brush some olive oil over them, sprinkle salt, and bake for 20-30 minutes. These would make you feel fuller and have almost half the calories. In fact sweet potato contains fiber which stabilizes blood sugar and stops you from craving more junk food.

apple slice with peanut butter5. Apple slices with peanut butter
I really love this one. Some people won’t really like to have peanut butter but it has good nutritious qualities. Use a no added sugar peanut butter available in the market and apply a little quantity on apple slices. You would have the combination of the healthiest snack – protein from peanut butter and fiber from apple.

6. Vegetable soup
We usually order soups as starters when dining out. Then why not make them, at home, completely fat free by not adding any milk/cream. These could be very much filling. Studies reveal that having vegetable soups reduce your calorie intake by 20 percent. So make one for yourself girls.

oat chilla7. Oats
If you have been having oats for more than 8-9 months, then I am sure by now you are bored of it. Apart from consuming oats with hot milk, you can make a batter with oats and wheat flour and use it in normal chapattis or make a chillah out of it. I usually try to make an oats pan cake and to make it a little tasty, I also add caramelized walnuts and almonds to it!

8. Skimmed milk hot chocolate and shakes
You can use skimmed milk and prepare yourself a hot chocolate at home by using dark chocolate bars or you can make any of your favorite milk shake by using skimmed milk, fruits and little sugar. This would be a great treat to your taste buds and good for your health too.

9. Salsa sauce and croissant bread
You would know that there are different types of low fat breads available that taste good as well. You can use them to prepare your own giant sandwich by using sandwich topping sauce and lots of different veggies. Opting for salsa sauce or Schezwan sauce is a tasty option.

dry fruits

10. Nuts, dried fruits
Nuts are high in fat but they have monosaturated fats which are good for your heart. So no need to worry! Also, there are dried fruits available in market like date, fig etc that will help you work on your sweet tooth.

11. Strawberries covered with dark chocolate
Something really sexy and sensuous runs in your mind while talking about this snack. 😉 The high water content of strawberries help getting rid of belly bloat and they are also rich in vitamin C, plus dark chocolate is a treat for taste buds.

omelette12. Veggie omelet
If you do not have any problem with eggs, than this could be a very healthy, protein-packed breakfast for your day. This would keep you filled for the day and reduce cravings by 10 percent.

Some other points to keep in mind:
• Drink lots of water.
• Brush your teeth when you have done with the last supper.
• Use you mobile or TV when you crave for something full of fat.
• When you go out, order salads and soups first and then the main course.
• Teenagers, go to subway, rather than McDonalds! Low fat breads filled with lots of veggies is a healthier option.
• Workout is a must, but diet plays 70% role in weight loss.

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