9 Diet Foods that are Actually Unhealthy

We cannot deny the fact people these days have become extremely health conscious and have become increasingly aware of what consume in their diet. Also, people are more into what food companies promote as “diet” foods. Though it is extremely positive that people are finally realizing that ‘health is wealth’ and think twice before consuming greasy French fries, but there’s a section of food that’s promoted as “healthy” and “diet friendly,” but in fact they are not and do equal if not more harm than greasy and fatty food. We should be totally aware of what is healthy food and what’s not, but not become a victim of these corporate food giants who are feeding our tummies and brains with potentially dangerous food in the disguise of “healthy food.” So, let’s find out 9 diet foods that are actually unhealthy.

Diet Foods that are Actually Unhealthy

1. Sugar-free foods: We cut down refined and white sugar from our diet, cutting down sweets, jams, and candies from our life, but then we happily add “sugar-free” tablets to the morning tea or sugar-free fruits juices and biscuits which do equal harm. All of these so called “sugar-free food items” contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, etc instead of sugar, which do not get processed by our body and is bad for our waistline, skin. Long-term use of such artificial sweeteners can cause headaches, stomach aches, etc.

2. Diet Sodas: No, “diet” sodas are not any more healthier than regular colas because they contain artificial sweeteners to make them more appetizing to the tongue.

3. Fat-free foods: Let me tell you first why fat is essential for our body. Natural fats which can be obtained from full fat milk, Cow Ghee, Nuts, Avocados, Fish, Olive oil, etc. are extremely essential to help keep the body full and satisfied for a longer time and hence it keeps a check on food cravings. It is also highly beneficial in keeping our metabolism high and helps our brain function better. Fat-free foods that are usually available in the market are highly processed and devoid of good fats which our body actually needs.

4. Skimmed Milk:  It is in fact very unhealthy than full-fat milk because it is not only highly processed but also does not have the natural fat which helps our body in digesting the milk.

5. Packaged Meat: Most packaged meat is highly processed and you should be thinking twice before you pick up that frozen packaged meat next time at the supermarket.

6. Breakfast Cereals: Can you recall those cornflakes advertisements which claim to aid your weight loss journey and also provide you “fortified” iron and other vitamins? Most breakfast cereals contain empty calories, i.e. they do not provide us any nutrition that regular carbohydrates. Also, most of them have added colors (on natural dried fruits that they may have), loaded with sugar and salt, GMO, and synthetic preservatives. Now, you know why still aren’t losing any weight with such breakfast cereals, right? That’s why Rati Beauty diet programs recommend healthy breakfast ideas that can be made easily when you are in a hurry and running out of time.

7. Energy drinks: They are meant to be instant pick me ups and are known to recharge your body but the ugly side is they have excessive amounts of caffeine which can be toxic for our body leading to headaches, nausea, hallucinations and even cardiac arrest. Instead try coffee, it is a much safer alternative to energy drinks and would help boost metabolism as well.

8. Soya Milk: Soya milk has become extremely popular as a protein-rich replacement for regular dairy milk and is readily available in grocery stores. But many studies have showed that they can be potentially harmful for our body by causing hormonal imbalance, particularly thyroid problems, and is not easily digestible by the body. It may also contain added preservatives. Stick to natural sources of protein such as beans, chickpeas, pulses, eggs since they are much safer options.

9. Packaged Fruit Juices: We would anyway advise you to consume whole fruit instead of fruit juice because you lose precious fiber through the process of juicing. Packaged fruit juices which claim to contain 100% natural juice are not completely healthy because they do have added preservatives and sugar content to prevent them from spoiling.

This article was not meant to scare you but instead it was to share with you all what I have learnt in the last few years of me trying to be healthy and falling prey to the above fads many a times in my journey. Hope you found this article helpful. Stay healthy, Stay happy.


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