Diet For Increasing Height



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Height undoubtedly adds to your personality. Ask me and I will say it boosts confidence in me. But we have heard that your height stops increasing after you reach a certain age. Is that really true? Well, maybe to some extent. But do you know that there are some specific food products which help in increasing your height?
Well, don’t believe me? Then let’s have a look at some of the foods which will help you to increase your height:

Diet For Increasing Height

1. Dairy Products:

Do you know that calcium is extremely important when you are looking to increase your height? Milk and dairy products will help in increasing your height and will also contribute to healthy bones. So, try to have 2 glasses of milk every day and include other dairy products in your diet.

2. Eggs:

Eggs are extremely rich in protein and they are good for your body also. Eggs are also rich in multivitamins and help in strengthening and building your body. And no doubt they also add some inches to your height.

Eggs for Height Increase

3. Fish:

Fish is another food product which is extremely rich in protein. Sea fishes like salmon and prawn are very good source of protein and multivitamins. So, when you have 1 fish every day then it will contribute greatly to your body and thus increase your height in the long run.

4. Soy Bean:

Soy Bean is rich in protein, folate, fibre, vitamins and minerals. This improves bones and tissue mass and thus helps in increasing your height significantly. Soy Beans are the perfect option for vegetarians. And Soybean also helps in boosting your metabolism.

Soybean for increasing Height

5. Banana:

Banana is rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. And together they can contribute to your body in numerous ways. Banana is known as an excellent conditioner and also helps in increasing your height.

6. Tofu:

Tofu has multiple benefits for your body. It is rich in protein and calcium and has an extremely low-fat content. Tofu has a considerable amount of fiber content in them too. Together all of these contribute to making your body healthier and thus helps in increasing your height at the same time.

tofu and soybean

7. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are also extremely beneficial for the body. They help in promoting new tissue growth and also remove and repair the old and damaged tissues. This helps in growth of the body and thus increases height significantly.

8. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal has amino acid content in them. It is extremely rich in protein and helps in the growth of your body. Oatmeal can be consumed in different forms and help to increase height among individuals. People who are looking to increase height through oatmeal should consume a minimum of 25 grams of oatmeal every day.

Oatmeal with nuts and berries

9. Spinach:

Spinach is a super food which helps in increasing your height and helps your body in numerous ways. Spinach contains several vitamins and minerals which further promotes the growth of the body and increases your height significantly.

10. Carrots:

Carrots are a very good source of vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A is known to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Whereas vitamin C helps in the formation of stronger bones. Thus together they can make your body healthy in the long run. And when your body is healthy then your height will also increase simultaneously.

Carrots for Increasing Height

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