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Aruna Asks :

As you are aware or if you vaguely remember I had put up a post asking the IMBB’ians (sounds like a university like IIT..hahha) about what to wear for a cousin’s wedding in May (27th). I received some lovely suggestions and tips on the outfits and the makeup routine I should follow. Will try my best to follow them J . The numerous makeup tips available on IMBB are also going to be put to use as well J.

My question is mostly about losing a few kilos before the wedding..if not 5-7 kgs which is what I what I would have liked, maybe atleast 3-4 is what I am striving for. I read an article from the archives about losing weight in 4 weeks and saw a bunch of people who had planned on going on that was wondering if it was successful and if there are any more tips I could get.

I currently am doing a 40 minute workout in the gym which includes about 25 mins of walking at 6 kms on the treadmill and about 15 mins doing some crunches and weights. I have a long way to go but if I could combine a diet plan along with this, would be super I think.


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  1. Have healthy breakfast…..and since its summers have lots of fluid and fibre.
    Keep the lunch simple….include curd if you like. :))
    And dinner should be just soup or salad. Or some protien rich dinner say paneer salad or grilled paneer if you are veg or grilled fish/chicken if you are non-veg.

    I am also on diet these days. :toothygrin:
    My Mantra is the common one- Have Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Miser and Dinner Like a Beggar. :toothygrin:

    1. ya i do the phulka/sabji for lunch and dinner + a healthy breakfast but its that horrible snacks time at work when my diet goes flying out the window ..all the oily snacks i pig out on. and I am a big sweet obsessed freak!! i just love sweets..forget the cakes and icecreams and chocolates..give me desi mithai any day 🙂

      1. ahaan…..then you know u shud make these aate and jaggery ki sweet. use less ghee. I toh eat dark chocolate when I hv craving for sweets :toothygrin:
        And for snacks….I keep this nutribars or oatmeal bars. Or else popcorn without butter. Makes a good munch without much calories. :yes:

  2. Please read the book Women and the Weight loss Tamasha , by rujuta diwekar, its awesome.
    You will get to know what you need to do.

      1. Also don put urself into so much restriction, you need to eat sweets oily food to increase ur BMR, read tat book very neatly explained about everything.

  3. Like jinal said , drink drink drink, water of course. Drink warm water throughout the day. I know sounds tough in the heat, but its worth it. Drink green tea. I read in a study somewhere, everytime you feel you are hungry , you may be thirsty. So drink water, or green tea , wait 10 minutes and then eat . This way you will eat what you really need to eat.

    Stay away from bread, pasta etc. And boil rice and drain the water if you must eat rice. Cooking it in the starchy water adds to your calories. You can use starch water to cook vegetables , soups , that other family members who are not on a diet can eat.

    Also try including oats , ragi in your diet.

    1. Thanks Supriya. ya i have heard about the water thing too..i was just thinking while reading all these posts that maybe salads are a good thing for the night. add a dash of lemon and salt to it shud do the trick else wud be too bland. i’ll probably get my dose of veggies plus i wont be starving. just cant have too much masala type stuff in the summer.

  4. Drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey and 1/2 lemon juice, every morning in empty stomach. you will definitely reduce weight.

  5. Read book ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight’ by Rujuta Divekar its a very good book. drink a glass of warm water in morning with 1/2 lemon and a pinch of salt, have oats,museli,ragi in your breakfast, drink hot water sip by sip after the lunch and dinner. you can make chapatis with stuffing of oats its a healthier version.take light suryanamaskar atleast 10 times in the morning, you will definitely lose weight. last but not the least be positive and happy.

    1. appreciate it Shilu..2 things i mmediately want to start doing – the lemon/honey/warm water ritual in the mornings and including salads/oats in my diet. my bigger problem is finding interesting things to eat between lunch and dinner. the 4/4.30 time which is the most painful. junk always in the cafeteria..all the oily and non healthy and tempting stuff 🙁

      1. yes you are right you can prepare and pack healthy snacks like vegetable sandwich,oatmeal bar,bhel with sprouts etc.

  6. hi… i have tried the GM diet and even though i left it halfway thru (day 4 instead of 7) i did loose 3.5 kgs. I am sure i wud have lost 5 kgs if i had continued. Though this diet is not very tough to do, I buckled on the day you have to eat only milk and banana. There are Indian and vegetarian options easily available on the net and you shud definitely look at those before trying a diet plan. all the best!

  7. In about a month, its difficult to lose 3-4 kg in a “good” way. But you can try this tips…(if you are otherwise healthy)…..take a multi-vitamin too daily

    1) Once a week, do fruit diet…..just fruits and milk all day…..
    2) Avoid carbs whenever possible specially maida or white rice. No heavy ghee-laden paratha…etc.
    3) Up the protein by eating more sprouts, low-fat paneer, low-fat yoghurt or chickpeas, beans.
    4) Fill up on salads and nuts and low-fat cheese and dressings in lunch or dinner.
    5) Exercise where calories matter most….select elliptical trainer or cycling instead of treadmill or simple walking…..try doing high-intensity exercises….lifting little heavier weights then you have been lifting….
    6) Drink enough water as not to be dehydrated…..and eat less salt ( pickles, sprinked salt on salads)…..when possible. :yes:

  8. lots of water,nice breakfast,start mornin wit warm water n lemon n honey and eat every 2 hours :yes: :yes:
    i hav read dnt lose ur mind lose ur weight
    it basically says to hav small meals every 2 hrs..

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