Difference Between BB and CC Creams and How to Use Them

Hello friends, hope you are doing good! Today, we would be talking about BB and CC creams, which are quite popular makeup products available in the market. BB and CC creams are among the widely used products which help to give you a flawless and radiant looking skin. They prevent your face from looking caked and also promote gorgeous skin. Well, if you have ever thought about the difference between BB and CC creams, here we mention about them in detail.

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Difference Between BB and CC Creams

What is BB cream?


Every one of us is familiar with BB creams, as they are budget friendly and easily available in the market. BB cream is actually like a tinted moisturizer which is light in consistency and also seeps into the skin easily. ‘BB’ in BB cream actually stands for Beauty Balm, which works better than a tinted moisturizer or cream. The best part of BB cream is it is packed with SPF, which helps to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun.

Apart from this, the best part of using BB cream is that using a less amount of cream can give a better coverage on the face. It is perfect to be used by a woman with any skin tone and shade. It generally looks very natural and is preferably good to be worn at any event, from office meetings to morning marriages.

Some of the best BB creams in the market are:
Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream
Kiko Milano BB Cream Coloured Beauty Balm SPF 15
Rimmel London BB Cream Radiance
The Face Shop Photo Blur BB Cream
Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream

What is CC cream?


Well, after BB creams were introduced in the market, another range of cosmetic products started trending and they were named as CC creams. Now, what are these CC creams? CC means Color Correcting, which was first designed to treat the dullness or redness on the skin. It is perfect to be used on uneven skin tones.

CC creams have all the benefits of BB creams such as light in texture, SPF qualities, good coverage, etc. However, using CC cream is perfect if you are looking to cover the dark patches or dark circles on the skin. It helps to improve the skin elasticity and correct the uneven skin tone. Apart from this, 99 percent of the CC creams available in the market contain Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which prove beneficial in promoting younger looking skin. It also contains anti-aging properties which can help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

CC cream is a perfect product which not only gives a better coverage on the skin, but it hides the acne, blemishes or dark patches on the skin without any difficulty. Skin experts have also said that CC cream comes with Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids, which helps to neutralize blotchiness and discoloration easily.

Some of the best CC creams in the market are:
La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream
Maybelline White Super Fresh CC Cream
Deborah Milano CC Cream 8 in 1 Creamy Correcting Foundation
Essence All-In-One CC Cream
Faces Canada CC Cream

What are the differences between BB and CC creams?

Well, BB cream and CC cream can be used by women belonging to all the age groups, but according to studies, it has been divided into two different groups. BB creams are used by younger women who are in their teens, while CC creams are used by working woman who often starts observing wrinkles and discoloration on the skin. As compared to BB creams, CC creams can stay longer. Also, if you are looking for a matte finish on the skin, CC creams are much better than BB creams.

How to use them?

Body care. Close up portrait of Woman applying cream on face

Applying BB and CC creams is quite simple and requires no special art. You should clean your face with a face wash or cleanser and pat dry before applying BB or CC cream. Now, spread the cream using fingertips on your face. You can now use a foundation brush to spread it on the face so that it blends well on the skin. Both, BB and CC creams are like tinted moisturizers which blend easily onto the skin giving you perfect and flawless finish. However, the best way to apply BB or CC cream is to apply using hands because not only the product warms up a little, but you will be easily able to identify dry or dehydrated parts on the skin.

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