Difference Between BB cream and Foundation

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Today, I am here with a post to state the difference between BB cream and foundation. We are completely overwhelmed by the variety of base makeup products available for every skin type providing sheer to full coverage. For base makeup, BB cream, CC cream and foundations are available. Despite having the exact same purpose, both BB cream and foundation are different. Whether it is coverage or formula, these all are quite diverse in every aspect. In this post, I will be simplifying the purpose and usage of BB cream and foundation. Both the products are in the market for a long time and we all are familiar with these. So, let’s get into the article for further details.
Difference Between BB cream and Foundation

What is BB cream?

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‘BB’ in the BB cream stands for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”. The main purpose of BB cream is to even out the skin tone and correct the blemishes.
In terms of coverage, BB cream is better than any tinted moisturizer or cream. It conceals imperfections much better than any of the tinted moisturizer available and provides you with a natural looking skin. In terms of consistency, BB cream is heavier than a tinted moisturizer but lighter than any foundation.
Usually, a BB cream is formulated with antioxidants that are meant to repair and protect the skin against pollution and sun damage. Moreover, almost every BB cream comes with in-built SPF as well. Apart from concealing the imperfections, the antioxidants and vitamins present in the BB cream actually repairs and treats the imperfections.
In terms of skin care, BB cream is way ahead of the foundation. Every BB cream is formulated to provide hydration and nourishment to the skin, while protecting it from environmental damage. Like foundation, there is no need to apply a primer before BB cream. Moreover, you can use your fingers or makeup brush or sponge to apply BB cream.
With BB cream, the only con associated is the limited range of shades. A company only provides 2-4 shades in BB cream that is far away when compared to the shades of foundation. However, you will be able to manage within these few shades itself.

Who should opt for a BB cream?
BB cream will work best for those who have light imperfections. It will effectively conceal them, providing you with a natural-looking, flawless skin. Moreover, it is perfect to wear on a beach day, office party or any other light event. BB cream does not provide full coverage, thus, it will be unable to conceal deep and dark scars or spots. But, if you are not willing to conceal them completely, then opt for a BB cream.

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What is foundation?

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A foundation is used to conceal the imperfections and making the skin even toned. The purpose of both the products are exactly the same, but only the formula differs.
In terms of coverage, foundations have different coverage. There are some foundations providing sheer coverage, while some full coverage. A sheer coverage foundation will not be able to conceal the dark imperfection, but provides you with a natural-looking finish. At the same time, a foundation with full coverage covers each and every type of imperfection, providing you with flawless skin. You can opt for a foundation based on your need. In terms of consistency, foundation is on the heavier side than a BB cream.
Usually, every BB cream is formulated with antioxidants, but foundations are not. Foundations are only meant to conceal the imperfections, not to treat them. However, if a foundation has any ingredient benefiting the skin, then it is clearly mentioned and you can opt for them accordingly. Moreover, unlike BB cream, foundations necessarily do not have in-built SPF. Thus, you have to apply a sunscreen individually before applying foundation.
Foundations are also meant to provide hydration and moisturisation to the skin. But, to work with the foundation easily, you have to use a moisturizer and a primer beforehand. It ensures perfect application and keeps the makeup base intact for a long time. To apply, you can use fingers or makeup brush or sponge.
Unlike BB cream, there is a wide variety of shades available to choose from. You can actually find out a shade with a perfect match to your skin tone.

Who should opt for a foundation?
There is a wide range of foundations available, providing sheer to full coverage; hence, anyone can use foundation as per their convenience. If you are looking for a light makeup, opt for a foundation with sheer coverage. If you are going to a day or light event, opt for a foundation with medium coverage, but you can choose a full coverage foundation as well. In all, if you have deep and dark imperfection that cannot be covered by a BB cream and want an even toned skin, then do go for a medium to full coverage foundation. There is no right or wrong in choosing a product, the only thing you need to focus on is your convenience while using the product.

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