Different Styles of Shape Wears and the Purposes They Serve!

Not everyone’s body is a perfect ten. Even celebrities use illusion dresses for a perfect hourglass figure. For girls like us, there are always different kinds of shape wears. They are great for concealing the fat from specific areas. Let’s find out different styles of shape wears and the purposes that they serve!


shapewear types

Body shapers

body shaper

They are full body suits with a chest cut out. They look somewhat like a swim suit but are majorly different. You get an overall smoothing effect as they help in smooth out the stomach, hide the bulges, lift your bosom area and also make your bum look great. They can be worn under any clothing item from your office wear to a traditional outfit.

Bust shape wear

bust shapewear

As the name suggests, bust shape wear shapes the bust area and enhances it. Bust shape wear lifts the breasts, gives them a more firm look and also works better than your regular push up bra.

Thigh shape wear

thigh shaper

Isn’t the world obsessed with thighs with terms like thunder thighs or thigh gaps? Thigh shape wear gives the appearance of more toned thighs. They also come in variety of lengths to suit and help more problematic areas like tummy, waist, hips and bottom.

Shaping panties

panty shapewear

Shape wear panties help eliminate panty lines and slim down your thighs, hips, rear, and even your stomach. You can also go for high waisted shape wear like control briefs or boy shorts to slim down your abdomen area, lift your bum and to provide more shape and firmness to the area.

Waist clincher

waist clincher

If your specific problem area is a waist then this is the one for you. This will provide definition to your waist. A waist clincher is like a wide belt that is worn around the waist to help smooth out the tummy and support your back.



Tights give our legs a really toned appearance and leaner look. They smooth out panty lines, give a slimming appearance to your legs, thighs, hip area and even your waist.



Camisoles work to hide the muffin top and love handles. They are definitely more comfortable than full body suits. They completely smooth out your upper body and even manage to hide those awful bra bulges. They are great to wear to wear with trousers, jeans, or a skirt.



They look ultra glam and super sexy. They come with stocking clips to help keep them in place. They are a great option to wear under short dresses or skirts as they help create a smooth silhouette and there are no bulges to be seen.

Arm shapers

arm shaper

Yes there are shape wears meant only for your arms. Flabby arms look really unflattering and arm shapers work in a great way to give your arms a smoother look. There are arm shapers also that stretch across the back and help to pull your shoulders into a more natural position and save you from poor posture.

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3 thoughts on “Different Styles of Shape Wears and the Purposes They Serve!

  1. I had no clue about the existence of Arm shapers. That’s in face genius and made for me. 😀 A lot of women are hesitant about using shapewears but I find these completely normal. It’s like makeup for the body – help in enhancing your body. I forced my sister to try Bust shapewear and now not only she feels more confident, regular use has improved her figure a bit too.

  2. It is like a closet full of clothes but basic & essentials like body shapers we tend to overlook usually. Buying in different colors and experimenting should also be fun 🙂 Interesting post! Had no idea about the arm shapers though 😛 A gentle reminder to go get some body shapers, time to pamper the closet 😀

  3. This post is really very interesting n fruitful to me coz I am a mother of 5 month baby and I need tummy shaper urgently. My question is which brand serves better??

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