Different Types of Pedicures You Can Try this Summer

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Who doesn’t love flaunting perfectly pedicured feet in summer time? Did you know there are different kinds of pedicure treatment available apart from your basic pedi or French pedi! Let’s find out about them.

Fish pedicure:

fish pedicure
Fish pedicure involves soaking your feet in a tank full of fish. A fish called ‘garra rufa’ is used in the process and they do not have teeth. These fishes nibble the dead skin from your feet by sucking on the skin. After this, a regular pedicure procedure is followed. The end result is very soft and clean feet. These fishes can do wonders for people suffering from psoriasis and eczema too.

Ice Cream Pedicure:

icrecream pedicure
This is like a basic pedicure but with completely different ingredient list. This includes a foot soak in bath ball which resembles the look of an ice cream scoop. The feet are then exfoliated with scrubs made of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. This step is followed by foot icing moisture treatment using whipped lotion and is finished off with cherry red nail polish.

Margarita Pedicure:

margarita pedicure
It is similar to a classic pedicure, except this one also includes a soaking session in water with fresh lime, followed by a lime salt scrub and exfoliation. The feet are then moisturized and massaged with a lime-based massage oil and lime-scented moisturizer.

Wine Pedicure:

wine pedicure
Wine is full of rejuvenating antioxidants and so is great for the skin and hair. Wine softens your feet, cuticles and calluses and gives the feet a healthier appearance. Feet are soaked in wine and then a grape seed scrub and grape seed oil are used for exfoliation and massaging respectively. Feet are then wrapped in a mask made of grape.

Athletic Pedicure:

athletic pedicure
This type of pedicure can be enjoyed by both men and women and it focuses on relaxing the muscles and relieving any pain. It begins with regular soaking, scrubbing, and extensive exfoliation processes to remove any build-up from the feet. Runners often take this pedicure as it provides a relief and a relaxing sensation. Scents like peppermint, eucalyptus and/or cucumber are used to provide relaxation.

Chocolate Pedicure:

chocolate pedicure
For all you chocolate lovers out there, this is the pedi for you! Cocoa is a powerful anti-oxidant which firms and moisturizes the skin really well and this pedicure uses all chocolate based ingredients like a chocolate foot soak, a chocolate foot mask, and a chocolate moisturizing lotion.

Spa Pedicure:

spa pedicure
This is a longer and relaxing version of basic pedicure. This option will pamper your feet like no other. The process generally includes various aromatherapy oils added to the footbath, an exfoliating aromatic scrub to remove calluses, a hot towel wrap and paraffin wax dips.

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