Dior 5 Couleurs Hi Fidelity Eyeshadow Palette 747 Inflame Review + Makeup Look

dior inflame makeup look
Hi Everyone, 🙂
I am reviewing an absolutely stunning palette from Dior – 747 Inflame. The theme of the palette is based around the terracotta shade. They used the same palette in Dior Cruise 2018 this year.

Price : USD 62 / INR 3900
I adored this palette not only for the colors but for the exceptional quality it delivered. It’s actually the palette that comes with quite a popular colors that you see in some of the popular makeup brands.

The 5 colors in the palette are :
A soft champagne peach with white gold metallic finish. It’s opaque but not stark against the skin. It works great as a brow bone highlighter, inner corner color and the color is such that you can even use it asa lovely cheek highlighter. the sparkles in the eyeshadow are very fine and would not accentuate the texture on the skin.

A sheer shimmery champagne gold. It can be layered on top of any eyeshadow or just on it’s own as a little pop of glimmer on the eyes. This can also be built up to an opaque finish.

A medium satin finish warm brown peach brown eyeshadow. It is such a gorgeous color to be worn just as a single eyeshadow as well. It makes for a great transition color too and gorgeous perfectly in synch with every single color in the palette. It is a very pigmented and buildable eyeshadow color. No fall out.

A cool toned plum brown. It is a super pigmented and if you have green eyes, it would make the color of your eyes pop. It has a bit of a fall out but nothing crazy. It’s an excellent smokey eye eyeshadow. I have used it as a lid color in this look but you can use it as a single sahde just to smoke out your kajal as well. The finish is between matte and satin and I quite like it because it gives a little oomph to the eyeshadow and does not make it fall flat.

A stunning matte medium terracotta color. It is the star color of the palette. This can be used a lid color or as a transition color. It blends like a dream and does not have a fall out. It’s very pigmented and super buildable. I also like that it is neither too red nor too orangey – just a lovely soft medium color that’s hard to go wrong with.

I adooore this palette. I think among the 4 eyeshadows that I have reviewed so far, if I have to suggest one for your day-to-day use, I’d suggest this one to you. All the colors are in harmony with each other. They work well for all skin tones. Not a single eyeshadow in the palette is the kind that you’d have trouble using. And the staying power- incredible. I wore it 10 hours straight and no creasing, fading, smudging – none of it. My foundation faded. My lipstick disappeared but this was there looking all fresh. I do wear a primer underneath because I have very oily eye lids but that’s the same for all eyeshadows that I wear and a lot of them fail to deliver despite that.
Major recommendation from me. 🙂
Rating : 5/5

For This look : I used the dark brown color on the lid and terra-cotta on the crease. The champagne color is on brow bone and inner corner. Finished off with brown eye kohl and lots of mascara 🙂

dior cruise 2018 makeup

dior cruise 2018 makeup

dior eyeshadow palette 767 flame review

dior eyeshadow palette 767 inflame

dior eyeshadow palette

dior 5 color eyeshadow palette 767 inflame review

dior 5 color eyeshadow palette 767 inflame

Swatches:dior 767 inflame swatch

Products Used for this makeup look
Bobbi Brown Cushion Foundation
NARS Concealer Ginger
Suqqu Earthy toned blush
Make Up Forever highlighter
Dior Eyeshadow Palette Inflame
Mayblline Brown Glazed Toffee
Tata Harper Cream Blush Very Vivacious
Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick Icon

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  1. You look so fresh and lively. Yellow outfit is glowing on your skin tone. Wow Gorgeous makeup, all these eye palettes are too good!! Each one is unique in itself.

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