Dior Diorshow Kohl Stick Smoky Black Review

dior diorshow kohl review

Claims : A kohl with an oversize tip and unprecedented glide for two application techniques. A creamy formula enriched with a soothing ingredient.

Apply like a classic kohl, on the inner rim, for greater intensity and depth. Can also be applied as a base over the entire mobile eyelid, under eyeshadow for bolder colour and professional hold.
Price : USD 32 / Rs 2200 approx

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My Experience with Dior Diorshow Kohl Stick
I am someone who keeps buying Kohl sticks. I barely go a day with eye kohl in my eyes so the more the merrier. I picked up this eye kohl from Dior a while back. It is a chubby twist up kohl. It comes in this gorgeous navy packaging. For those who don’t like sharpening their eye pencils, this is a treat for them. The reason this pencil is kept chubby is so that you could use it two ways – one on the waterline and second as a base for dark/ black eyeshadow. You can also create smokey eyes with this in just two steps. It is a suuuuper smooth and creamy eyeliner. I love how soft and gentle it feels on the waterline. This pencil comes in 5 colors – pearly turquoise, smoky grey, smoky blue, smoky brown and smoky black. I picked up one in smoky black. Honestly, I was expecting it to be a deep black color but it is not. It is a medium black pencil that can totally be built up to a dark black intensity with 3-4 swipes. But one swipe is not intense black. This can be a pro for some and a con for others. This pencil not only looks but feels very luxurious. It does not smudge too much so you don’t have to worry about it giving you racoon eyes. But the staying power is really disappointing for this one. It barely stays on my waterline for more than 2 hours and pretty much fades completely after an hour more. It makes for an easy pencil to create smokey eye within seconds. Plus since it is not so intense, you don’t have to worry about liner travelling down your lower lashline. You can totally build it up. It is one of the best textures I have come across when it comes to eye kohls – creamy but not too creamy, smooth and extra gentle on the eyes, and goes on without tugging.

This does not come with a sharpener and after a while the tip does get blunt. Although it is not difficult to use but I would definitely prefer a pointy tip to work with.Overall I feel it is a nice kohl. I mostly wear this to gym because it does not give me racoon eyes. But it is definitely not a must have unless you want that soft matte black kohl in your kit. With the options available, I don’t think I ‘d be repurchasing this. It’s okay but I was expecting much more out of this.

A quick sum up of pros and cons
Very gentle and soft on eyes. One of the best kohl textures.
Never irritates the eyes
Can be used on waterline and as an eyeshadow base for smokey eyes. You can create smokey eyes with this pencil alone.
Not too intense black – can be both a pro and a con
Is retractable so prevents you from hassle of sharpening
Does not give racoon eyes.
Imo, it is not a must have from the brand.
Rating : 3.5/5

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Pic above : Freshly applied
Pic below : after an hour and you could already see the kohl fading from my waterline.
dior kohl

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  1. Mesmerising eyes and pics… <3 even though PDT is average but you definitely raised its rating with stunning swatches and clicks know 🙂

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