Dirty Works You Soft Touch Super Rich Hand Cream Review

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I am very much in love with this new brand that I am trying right now! I have already reviewed a couple of products from them and now I am here with a super cute hand cream. Dirty Works comes with a very girly packaging, so the moment I saw these I fell in love. Hands are one part of the body to which I don’t pay a lot of attention, so grabbing a hand cream is always a wise decision. Let’s straight jump to the review then.

Dirty works super rich hand cream

Price: 2.50 GBP/Rs 222 (Retails for Rs 450 in India)
Product description by Dirty Works:
Containing Allantoin, a natural skin protector, hydrating jojoba oil and shea and cocoa butter, both known for their intense moisturising benefits; this hand cream is the perfect all-rounder.
Directions: Apply liberally and as often as required. To help softer and smooth, spend time massaging into particularly troublesome areas.

Dirty works super rich hand cream details

My Experience with Dirty Works You Soft Touch Super Rich Hand Cream:

I am out of all my hand creams and that is when I spotted this cute little hand cream from this brand. I couldn’t just resist the packaging of this brand hence picked up a lot of stuff.

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Packaging: The hand cream comes in a super bright deep coral pink packaging with polka dots all over it. It has a lot of blue badges over it with the name and ingredients which make it look damn cute and gorgeous. The fun and quirky packaging is the main reason why I like this brand so much. The tube is an inverted one which makes it sit nicely on my shelf. It has a flip cap which works fine too. The size of the tube is somewhere around the size of the palm hence fits nicely into the bag. The hole to squeeze out the tube is pretty small so only needed quantity comes out. Coming to the price, I think it is reasonable because one little tube will go on for long.

Dirty works super rich hand cream name

Consistency and smell: The consistency is super thick; more like body butter but it is extremely buttery as well when I rub my hands. A very tiny quantity is required at once and it gives my hands a nice 1 minute massage. It spreads very nicely on my hands. The smell is one more thing that I like about it. The moment I squeeze in a little amount, my room gets filled with this scent. The smell is a perfumed and a powdery one with some floral and fruity hints but more of fruity. It smells really good and more like a baby’s lotion which is why I love this. The smell is very girly and becomes a bit faint after 5 minutes. I like the fact that it becomes faint since I wouldn’t like very over-powering scents for my hands. It lingers for a while and then fades.

Dirty works super rich hand cream packaging

Results: Due to its thickness, I get to massage it for a minute which is actually required for my tired hands. One of the things that I don’t like about hand creams is that they leave a greasy cast behind and since we work on laptops, phones and computers it becomes very difficult. But gladly this worked out to be great and non-greasy. It gets absorbed in my hands in just 2 minutes and does not leave any greasy cast behind. It makes my hands look instantly bright and fresh. The skin looks very healthy than what it was before. I could feel the softness in my hands through-out the day. With the help of cocoa butter and shea, it added a lot of hydration to my dry hands thus keeping them moisturised for long. So, I think it does everything that a hand cream has to do and I am really liking this one currently!

Dirty works super rich hand cream tube dispenser

Pros of Dirty Works You Soft Touch Super Rich Hand Cream:

• Damn attractive in coral pink packaging with polka dots.
• Very handy.
• Affordable.
• A lot of beneficial ingredients like shea, cocoa butter and jojoba oil.
• Thick buttery consistency which is great for massage of hands.
• Super heavenly perfumed fruity floral scent with a powdery hint.
• Moisturises my hands perfectly.
• Hands look fresher and brighter.
• Does not leave a greasy cast behind on hands.
• Smell is faint and not over-powering.

Dirty works super rich hand cream swatch

Cons of Dirty Works You Soft Touch Super Rich Hand Cream:

• Nothing different than the usual hand creams.
• Limited availability in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Dirty Works You Soft Touch Super Rich Hand Cream?
Yes I might. It is a very good hand cream and does everything that a hand cream should, so yes, grab this and try other stuff from this brand too!
Conclusion: I love keeping a hand cream handy and use it every night because it actually makes a difference!

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