Disco Makeup Ideas

disco makeup ideas

Disco Makeup Ideas

The dance floor is a favorite place to hit on weekends! But what should your makeup and dress be like? Funky music, sporadic lights, sparkling balls, high platform shoes and bell bottoms are perhaps the first impression that you have once you think of the disco. But is that all? Definitely not! For that dazzling look, here are the disco makeup ideas that would make you all set to catch the attention as a diva while the Saturday night temperature is rising! While disco may be a thing of the past, the disco makeup is hot as always and there is always a scope for you to borrow the ideas from the disco culture of 1970s. Just add a glitter here and touch-up with a shimmer there, and you are all set to party!

Disco Makeup Tips

Here are a few aspects for you to bear in mind while you plan to go for a Disco look:
• Disco makeup is always vibrant and bright; it is never soft.
• Your skin should be glistening.
• Colors like blue, green, pink, orange, red and yellow are in when you define your eyes.
• Intense glossy shades of lip color like tangy orange, florescent pink and evil violet completes your disco makeup.
• Choosing the right accessories is very important. Go for daring jewelries and high-heeled shoes.

Disco Makeup Ideas

1. Face: Here are a few ideas for your face to help you stand out with your innovative disco makeup look:
• It is best to avoid a heavy base makeup or too much of powder.
• Skipping the foundation and using a concealer to address the spots on your face would be a great idea!
• Alternately, using a tinted moisturizer would be excellent as you should be wearing a dewy look on your skin.
• The blush is a very important part of your disco makeup! Forget pale cheeks and sweep blushes on the apples of your cheeks in bright tones of pink and orange.
• Though this is optional for you, you can always apply some sparkly powder on your forehead and cheeks.
eye makeup
2. Lips: Paint your lips in vibrant shades. Colors like pink, red, orange and purple rule the disc. Now apply lip-gloss liberally to bring in the dazzling effect.

3. Eyes: Your eyes speak a lot. So, you can never ignore your eye makeup. For a disco look, an eye-shadow is a must. Here are the tips for you:
• Choose an eye-shadow in bold shades of blue, green, pink, orange, red or even yellow! It would be wonderful if your eye-shadow can impart a shimmering effect.
• Disco makeup means a lot of partying and dancing. So, it would be better if you opt for waterproof cream eye-shadow instead of powdered one. Apply it abundantly on your eye-lids.
• You can also use liquid eye-liner in glittering shades of blue and red.
• Quite a few coats of mascara need to be applied on your long and luscious lashes. Alternately, you can use fake lashes.

Disco Makeup- The Dress And Accessories

Now that you know the way you are going to makeup for your disco look, it is time to cast a quick glance at the accessories and costume you should be wearing. Wear anything (informal or semi-formal dresses) you feel comfortable in; just make sure that you drape yourself in a shiny piece of clothing. Whether you wear black or floral prints, the point is to stand out with all the glitter and shimmer. Accessorize with stilettos or high heels; even platform heels would be great! Wrap up with pieces of bold jewelry or a funky belt. Tying a vibrant scarf or a band, around your head or on your hair in a stylish way is going to complete your disco look!
With these easy tips, partying at your favorite disco is going to be more fun! Enjoy your weekends like never before!

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