Disney’s Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Disney’s Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

It was my dear friend Abeer who suggested this title to me. When I saw Little Mermaid’s Ariel & her costume, the green tail & purple shells as her top, I thought it would be perfect title for this eye look. Growing up I’ve been in love with the Disney princesses & still very much am! So this makes me very excited to share this tutorial with you all.

Disney's Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Products used for this look are:

  •  Celia Makeup 120 Palette – for matte light green in the inner corner, darker green used for blending in the crease, matte black to deepen outer “V”, shimmery “lighter than my skin” brow bone color for highlight, pink & purple on the lower lash line
  •  Faces Canada Rainbow Pigment Stack – for the shimmery green/blue on top of black
  •  ELF Black Gel Liner – as base for eyelid color
  •  Lakme Insta Eyeliner
  •  Maybelline’s Great Big Lash Mascara
  •  Florelle Kajal Pencil
  •  MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer

02 Disney's Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

What truly started this look was this particular color from the Faces Canada Rainbow Stack, it appears blue just by looking at it but when placed over black the green in it gets highlighted & it ends up looking like a green/blue duo-chrome color. It gives a gorgeous effect, changes it’s color with changing light. It does stay green in most lights.

blue pigment

Following are the easy steps required to get this look:

Mermaid inspired look

• Prime/Conceal the upper lid area if needed, I skipped the concealer on the under eyes as there is bound to be fall out of dark colors.
• Taking a black gel liner, I applied it all over my lid, not extending past the crease & created a sharp wing in the outer corner
• Leaving a little space in the inner corner, I then patted the shimmery green/blue pigment all over the black.
• I placed a light matte green in the inner corner & blended it well with the pigment color.
• I then blended the crease with a darker green color & used a matte black in the outer V to keep the wing shape darker than the crease color. Going back & forth between the colors just blend. Blend. Blend & blend!
• I took a matte pink & placed it in the inner lower corner, extending a little on the upper inner corner too & then placed a dark purple thickly on the entire lower lash line.
• I applied a shimmery light golden as a brow bone highlight & also used it to blend out the crease color more.

05 Disney's Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial
• Then I applied some kajal, mascara & little bit on liquid liner on the upper lash line
• Cleaned up all around the eye with some concealer. & voila! The look is done!

Disney's Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

I have included multiple images of the finished look in the hopes that the different lighting could show how different the color looks. If you want a unique eye look then do try duo-chrome colors. It will look captivating. (If you see a “glow” on my skin it is because of the Revlon Photoready Concealer, I love using it when I’m getting photographed! )

07 Disney's Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Since Ariel has the trademark red hair, I wanted to add some red to the look, I did at the end of the day & this how that looked, I just ran a matte red eye shadow color from the 120 palette over the green & liner. I prefer it without the red but my mom loved the red addition more. To each, their own I guess.

08 Disney's Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hope you all liked this & happy Makeuping! 🙂

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57 thoughts on “Disney’s Mermaid Ariel Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. We cud see Nafisa the effort u made fr this luk….extremly cmndble..kudos to u …u r cmpltly rocking Mermaid eyes :)…..so fantasy sorta….best fr girlie party

  2. Ooooh… this is very VERY pretty, Nafisa! I really like the eyes. But I don’t like the red streak all that much – I like it better without it too 😀
    My favorite piccy is the one where you’re looking sideways, and a little bit of your hair is seen too. The eyes look stunning in that one!!! 🙂

    1. Yeah I myself not a fan of the red, liked it much before that, but for the sake of ariel tried it 😀
      thanku so much Samantha!! 🙂 hehehe, yeah that pic came out filmy 😀

  3. Hey naf that’s soooo sweet of u dear…like always I m short of words this look is sooooo beautiful ….ariel being one of my fav Disney princess this look was a treat to c

  4. nafisa a thousand salutes to you! only you can create and carry such a look to the T! hats off to your amazing hand at eye make up!

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