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I want to know what is the most comfortable brand and type of disposable contact lenses available in the market today and a good contact lens solution and refreshing drops. I am looking for ones that I can wear for ten hours a day as I have a crazy work life. I also have sensitive eyes and they get irritated with the feeling of something stuck in my eye when i wear lenses
thank you so much

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    1. wow, Rati. thank you so much for posting my query. :thanks:
      I was using Acuvue 2 lenses but then switched over to spectacles. :specs: Trouble is I need to go swimming in a pool full of little kids and now I need to switch back to lenses again. Don’t want to bump into the tiny tots. :hypnotized:

  1. Praseena, I personally am not comfortable with the idea of putting my fingers in my eyes+ glasses protect the eyes from dust as well but Bausch n Lomb’s purevision is good.A friend of mine has been using it for years with Renu solution.She just gets a news lens on an annual basis.If you’re looking for daily disposable lenses, BnL have launched soflens, but I don’t have much idea about it.

  2. Hi, Riya. :shy: We have a gkbopticals here, I have not yet ventured into visiting the place. thank you for the link. I used to use the same lenses but stopped 2 years ago due to sensitivity issues, should try again. :thanks: so much

  3. Hi, Mansi. I know, I am like that too. I just hate the feel of anything inside my eyes so was just wondering if there is any brand that feels like there is absolutely nothing when you wear them. :struggle: B n L purevision huh, let me ask about them. sounds good. soflens…ok noting that down too, thanks for all the options. so sweet of you. :thanks:

  4. i wore lenses for 4 years in college and once i joined the job i faced the same prob as yours .sensitive eyes ,headache due to dryness,difficult to wear kajal fearing contamination..piff! i switched to glasses for daily use .I have my freind who uses jonson & johnson monthly lenses and she said they are good for sensitive eyes.May be you can give them a try.

    1. I know, Nikita. the strain and irritation would just get worse over the day and it really makes me so tired. Plus to add to it now, I have to go swimming after work so it just makes it super messy. I would have worn glasses but I felt now i need to switch over to lenses again. thank you for your suggestion :rose:

  5. U should use Bausch and Lomb Monthly disposable lens…they r the best…Also as u mentioned u have sensitive eyes so u can also use Renu solution by Bausch and Lomb which is for sensitive eyes.

    1. b n L disposables, thanks for the suggestions, Richa. Solution is really important :thanks: I am just hoping I find the right ones for my eyes and I am free forever from :nerd: hehehehe

  6. I will suggest you to go for Acuvue 2 or Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus…they are bi-weekly disposable lenses while latter have 98% water content or oxygen content…this is what the company claims and my optician is quite confident of this…I have tried Acuvue 2…they were good :waytogo:

    1. Hi, Chhavi :rose: thank you so much for the recommendations.Acuvue Oasys. ok this is new for me, not heard of them, they sound good with 98% water content. hmmm nice. acuvue 2 i have used, just after three hours i get tired and red inside my eyes, i think the latter option should be explored then. have a nice day :rose:

  7. I’m sorry….I’m a loyal chashmish,so I can’t really help you out here. :specs: :nerd:
    But my cousin uses the B n L purevision ones …she likes them.

    1. Hi, Pragnyadeepta. me too a loyal chashmish getting unloyal :snicker: :snicker: B n L purevision, cool , got that down and thank you very very much

  8. Hi Praseena,

    I have been wearing lenses over 10 years and keep trying different lenses to see which suits the best. Ultimately the intention of wearing disposable lenses to avoid drying out eyes and make it more comfortable to wear ( am not going into technical details ). I keep trying all lenses from different brands but have never though of changing RENU solution. It is the ultimatum.

    I use Acuvue 15 day disposable lenses, monthly disposable as well as daily disposable lenses based on occasions.
    For Regular use, I wear monthly disposable, If there is a function/ audit/promotion in office where you require late hours – switch to 15 day disposable for that period.
    Daily disposable are more appropriate when we have a night out especially when I wear for over 12 hours – 18 hours or more and on two occasions, have worn daily lenses in pool. It works for me. You only have to take care while jumping in water ( or making dupki ) or inside water you have to close your eyes. If you wear swimming goggles, you dont even have to close your eyes.

    Hope this helps

    1. Hi, Sonia. you are definitely one of the most experienced users then. Yes, i get it, just need maximum comfort to breathe easy 😉

      wow, you have given me a good number of options there. hmmm thanks for designating which lens you use for what occasion, that really helps me out alot.thank you for taking out the time to explain everything so clearly, so sweet of you. I want to go armed to my opticians, most of the time they give me the wrong lenses and have had really bad experiences so this is really a superb platform to get honest rave reviews on what works and what does not. :waytogo:

      great tip, i must get the goggles too, ok so daily disposables for swimming….thank you thank you soooo much :rose:

      1. Hi Praseena,

        Glad to know you like the tips, do let me know if these worked for you. There is also one more thing, if you are bit unsure/uncertain about using lens in pool first time and dont know how it will work out. You can wear lenses and stand below shower and start the shower. Keep your eyes open as water trickles down your head. It will come over your eyes too. You will gain confidence that lens dont fall off. Try it

        1. hi Sonia! really? they really won’t come off if I keep my eyes open under the shower? wow…..i have to try it. 🙂 :thanks: so very much for all your suggestions

  9. Hi praseena
    I have tried Bausch and lomb and it was the worst decision i had ever made.If you want lenses which wouldnt irritate your eyes the best option is the monthly disposable johnson and johnson>they are really comfy and you wont feel a thing even after 8 hrs.

    1. Hi Aysha, I had used B N L some time ago and it just did not suit me so when i read people raving abt it, I was under the impression that they might have improved their comfort level, I guess not…your is Bausch and Lomb pure vision lenses? The monthy disposable ones are the acuvue 2 or acuvue clear from johnson and johnson…am getting confused. but thank you so much for your suggestions :high5:

  10. Hi Dear..
    I’ve been using contacts for almost 9-10 years now and all this while I’ve experienced with a lot of it monthly, daily disposables, annual and so forth…and take my word, the best ones are daily disposables….i’m talking out of experience, though it might be different for different ppl…i switched to a much-expensive Pure vision 3D contact lenses from Bausch & Lomb and they were a disaster…my eyes turned sensitive, had dry eyes with frequent headaches and wearing lenses almost started haunting me…so have switched back my loyalty to daily disposables. (Also, out of all the daily disposables i’ve tried, I found freshlook lenses to be the most comfortable). And yeah I normally wear my daily disposables for 2-3 days for 7-8 hours daily and they never give me a problem..
    Hope this helps…

    1. hi, Kareena. You definitely seem to have had a nightmarish experience with the Pure Vision from B n L. Yes, they are so heavy on the pocket too, it’s really sad they gave you such problems. even i have had similar experiences with my earlier tryst with lense, hence I wanted to know what everyone uses on this forum, there has to a heroic lens somewhere 🙄
      :thanks: for the freshlook daily disposable lens suggestion. you have definitely helped me alot. so sweet of you. :rose:

  11. The best Disposable lenses i used is Bausch & lomb’s monthly disposable lenses with Renu’s Solutions. I have been using this combo since 2006 to till date :clap: :clap: .

    Believe me this is very convenient to wear and can be disposed off if any eye infection occur :)) , you will not find wastage of money because it cost around 845/- for a box containing 3 pair of lenses, I got it for 750/- after discount :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

    1. Hi, Prachi :specs: B n L disposables with Renu. yes, Rati had mentioned Renu too. ok I am giving that a point now. so that’s like 6 years of using it and you are really happy with it. good for you.

      750 per box is not too bad. will last three months….hmmmm. :shying: thank you so much for the lovely suggestions.

  12. Hi Praseena,

    Lenses are foreign body that go into your eyes and eyes have full rights to not accept them if these are not convenient. What works for me, might not work for you or vice a versa. You will have to try them. The general notion is the lesser the time of disposing, the most comfortable they are. In that manner one day disposables should be the best, but there are many people who couldn’t use them. Also as the level of comfort increases, the price increases too, So you have to also look at your pocket.

    Last advise, when you do go to your optician, you have to tell him which lenses you require. He will give you a trial sample or will put a trial sample in your eyes( insist on it). This should be your best deciding point as to what suits you.

    All the best! I am curious to know what you finally decide.

    1. hi Sonia, thank you for taking the time to answer my query. yes, it’s so true, anything foreign just gets rejected immediately and in my case, there is no exception, my eyes just scream and yell out OUT OUT!!! :scream:
      yes, i really have to check my pockets too hehe but i dont’ mind shelling out if it gives me superior comfort. cos this is something i don’t mind investing in. :))
      I will definitely let everyone know what I get finally after going through all the suggestions, it’s a good thing I have put out this query, everyone wants to know. so many are going through the same ordeal :thanks:

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