Diwali Decoration From Homemade Stuff – Do It Yourself

Diwali Decoration From Homemade Stuff – Do It Yourself

Hi Ladies,

Naina’s post encouraged me to do a post on my Diwali decoration that was a bit special to me of all the Diwali’s I have had. The reason – I decorated my house with everything home made and hand made!  This has to begin with Andamans. Just a day before Diwali, we had a huge downpour which meant shutting down of shops, water everywhere and half of the things not available. Thankfully, I had got most of the stuff already, so it did not much affect my Diwali celebrations.

I live in a place called Mayabunder which is the district headquarter of North and Middle Andamans and it is around 200 kms away from Port Blair, so you can assume the isolation of the place. We do not get many things here, there is not a single courier service, and just one small bakery shop! But this place is awesomely beautiful. You have to come here to see its beauty.

Well, around 23 years back, my husband lost his dad somewhere around Diwali and 4 years later (19 years ago) he lost his mum around Holi, so he does not celebrate any of these festivals. While his siblings do but my hubby still mourns the loss of his parents and goes silent around Diwali and Holi. This was not a major problem with me as I understand his sentiments, but as my daughter grows up, I want her to be happy and cheerful during festivals and the best way to do this is to let her daddy play with her. Also, I want my husband to get out of the loss and celebrate the new form of life – a child.  So, I was adamant to celebrate Diwali and I had to do this without him letting know and with such restricted resources in Mayabunder and that too when I know nothing about decorating. But I decided to take the plunge and my helpers here were a great support.

I began the decoration with making my own diyas. I made around 25-30 diyas of aata and clay. Okay, let me show you one by one.

1. Homemade Diyas:  I made diyas at home with clay and aata. I couldn’t bake them in heat to get the red color, so I decided to paint them. I painted the diyas for about 5-6 hours and they looked beautiful. Trust me, this is probably the first time I picked up a brush!

Diwali Decoration From Homemade Stuff Do It Yourself

2. Sea Shell Candles:  When you live in Andamans, you think of beaches and with beaches come sea shells. I wanted to use them in some way in decoration, so I made candles of sea shells.

Sea Shell Candles

3. Tree Light:  Thankfully, I got a small string of LED lights. So, I collected a few corals, put them in a jar (we don’t get glass jars or mason jars here so that is another home made craft of how I covered a fabric over a tin jar) and then put a mango tree branch in it. On top of it went the LED light string. I also hung some paper-made cages and birds on the tree 😛

Tree Light

4. Paper Chandelier:  Now, no one here even knows what a chandelier is, so I got my helper do the work. We made this chandelier with kite paper and bamboo sticks 😀


5. Painted God:  In the absence of a God Idol, I called a painter who painted the picture of Lord Ganesha on the wall. It was amazing seeing him at work. A young boy who has never stepped out of Mayabunder paints so well. Talent sure does not see location, age or caste or color or anything. It just sees determination.

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

6. Rangoli:  Had to get a color rangoli done by two ladies. This rangoli was very beautiful but because of rain, some of the colors got washed away.

Finally, the sweets. Made coconut laddoos for Prasad.

I hope you guys liked what I did and I am so glad to tell you that this Diwali, we had so much of fun. I had also invited his friends over for dinner, so there was no scope for him to sulk. Finally, we played with his daughter, burst some crackers and I saw my Diwali celebrations in his eyes and in the laughter of my daughter 🙂

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66 thoughts on “Diwali Decoration From Homemade Stuff – Do It Yourself

  1. Surabhi…
    its really touching.. your atta & clay diya.. superb.Yes we do everything which we never done in our life to see smile in our loved ones face. especially for our children…

  2. awesome……emotions coming out as if….
    everything is just perfect diyas, candels, chandelirs…
    love all of them . please share your daughters pic as well.. would love to see her.

  3. Surabhi this is such an inspiring post! Some of us live in huge metros where we get everything by the street corner or eve online, but we crib about work or kids or problems at home and make excuses not to take up festivites, but you have overcome all your odds and come up with such beautiful decor!!!!!!!!!!!! those shell candles are super fab! you should patent them and sell them! btb you can paint see shells also! Great effort surabhi and awesome results!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sandhya.. loved your comment. I think time changes a person. I was a super busy metro woman earlier but now I am a patient, serence gaaon ki gori.. 😉 hihihi

      Yeah.. I know I could have painted the sea shells but I was already dead tired of painting the diyas and all so decided to keep the shell as they were.

  4. This is really amazing…extremely creative ideas Surabhi.. everythng is just so unique..i esp like the diyas and the sea shell candles..No doubt u had a wonderful Diwali… 🙂

  5. Wow!!!! I loved the shell candles … they are so pretty and the whole handmade thing makes it even prettier!!! Its amazing how a place encourages us to think differently. Am glad you could have such an opportunity and you did work the hell out of it. Totally love your decor 🙂

    Your atta and clay diyas got me so emotional, I remember my nani making 108 atta diyas everyday for her little mandir in the backyard and she used the food grade color in the atta itself to get coloured diyas. Lovely memories 🙂

    1. Ohhh wow.. what an idea.. I am amazed at the strength our previous generation had.. making diyas everyday for the mandir. I wish I can do so..
      And you are so right Naina.. its all because of this place. I had never imagines myself doing things like these but after coming here.. it all got so natural to me.
      And yeah.. next time when I make diyas.. I’ll food coloring too..

  6. Surabhi..ur ideas are amazing..esp the sea shell candells..i have collectd plenty of shells, but just have it..not knowing wat to do..now i can make candles..
    and you able to do all such things having a toddler????ur kiddo shud be really a gud girl..mine..i can’t even dream!!!
    great job 🙂

    1. ARey nahi Rama.. my girl is too impulsive just like her mom.. she spoiled two of my diyas.. and I did these when she was sleeping. And moreover I have many helpers around the house so its basically very easy for me.. 😀

  7. You know,you are a real inspiration to people who sulk about living in isolated cities,they should learn from u. Reading this post was overwhelming! Your family is lucky to have u:)

    1. Hey Shruti.. its soooo sweet of you to say so.. I know what you mean and I was a part of that tribe too earlier. I kept telling my hubby that I wanted to go back to mainland.. infact I kept looking for jobs but then my friends in US/Europe kept saying how I was lucky to be in a place like Andamans and spend quality time with my family. This got me thinking.

      Some of my friends abroad even said that they were ready to exchange their lives with me at any moment. That is when I started enjoying the good this place has to offer.

      And my hub says he is lucky to have me but I truly feel I am the lucky one. hihihihi.. and your DP is sooo super cute.

  8. wow…surabhi all your creations are amazing n sad to hear about your husband’s parents n i hope as days goes by he feels better seeing u n ur daughter

  9. Surabhi, thos seashell diyas completely stole my heart! I kept scrolling up and looking at them – you are soo soo creative man! Respect!

  10. awwww 🙂 🙂 i really cant choose a single item.. they all are so amazing and other than creativity i can notice the love and emotion 😀 😛 u r damn sweet 🙂 and i think your kid is lucky to have superb mom 🙂

  11. wow…surabhi all your creations are amazing n sad to hear about your husband’s parents n i hope as days goes by he feels better seeing u n ur daughter

  12. Surabhi this is so amazing… Im so touched by this loving gesture for ur hubby n child.. <3
    the ideas r so good.. Im definitely trying out next year on diwali.. Thankys fr the tips 😀

    1. Aww.. thanks so much Pia for appreciating the ideas. It really feels good when we do something for our loved ones and that too when we see the results as well.. 😀

  13. Aww.. hw come I missed such heart warming article!! Loved ur decor n efforts dear:) m definitely trying sum of ur ideas next Diwali!! So sweet 🙂

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