DIY: 3-Ingredient Hair and Eyelash Serum

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Hope you all are doing well. Today, I’ll be sharing a very simple hair serum recipe using just three ingredients. What’s the best part about this serum is that you can apply it on your eyelashes as well. Let’s get started!
DIY 3-Ingredient Hair and Eyelash Serum


castor oil
Castor Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Tea Tree Oil


1. Take about 2 tablespoons of castor oil. Warm it up a little so it won’t be as thick and sticky as it is normally.
step 1

2. To this, add about 10 drops of the lavender essential oil. Mix these well.

3. Then, add 10 drops of tea tree oil and mix well.
step 2

4. Your serum is ready to be used!


As mentioned earlier, you can use this serum on your hair, lashes and eyebrows as well.

1. Take a few drops of the serum and warm it up between your fingers so that the castor oil becomes a bit loose and gets absorbed easily.
step 3

2. Apply it to your hair/lashes/eye brows and massage it for 30 seconds.

3. Use daily at night on your eyelashes and eyebrows.


• Castor oil is very well known for its hair growth properties. So if you have really thin eyebrows or lashes, using this daily would promote hair growth.
• The serum conditions the hair and prevents it from greying.
• It also prevents scalp infections.
• Tea Tree oil fights dandruff.
essential oil
• The serum also helps if you have itchy scalp.
• It also thickens the hair and prevents split ends.
• It adds a natural shine to your hair as well.
• Use this serum for longer and stronger lashes and thicker eye brows.
• It relieves flaky scalp.
• Castor oil is also said to improve the appearance of your hair.
• It controls hair loss to some extent and moisturises your hair too.

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