DIY – 3 Ingredients Face Mask for Glowing Skin

Skin Type: Oily and Sensitive.

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In our busy schedule, we all need an instant skin brightening face mask to look bright and radiant. I love using red lentils in my DIY face packs as they are super brightening agents and sandalwood is great for skin as it helps to soothe your dull and tired skin. So a few days ago, I prepared this easy face mask just before a party and I noticed some amazing results on my face. When you don’t have time for a facial treatment, use this one as an instant brightening face mask to get a nice glowing skin.

DIY- 3 Ingredients Face Mask for Glowing Skin5

So, let’s get into the procedure.


Red Lentils: It is a great ingredient as it cleanses your skin deeply and helps to tighten the pores thereby, making your skin glowing. It also acts as a hydrating agent and helps in repairing the dryness. Besides this, it removes the dull texture and makes your skin look healthy.
Red Sandalwood Powder: Sandalwood is a very popular Ayurvedic skincare ingredient that helps in treating many skincare problems. It treats acne and keeps your skin soft without making it oily. It also helps to reduce the dull texture and provides you with a bright glowing skin. Sandalwood takes care of your skin deeply and fights against ageing, dryness, itchiness, stress and dull texture.
Yoghurt: Plain yoghurt works great for providing a glowing and smooth skin. It is rich in zinc and lactic acid and it helps in making your skin smooth and soft. Yoghurt also shrinks the large pores on the skin and makes your skin look fresh. It has anti-ageing components which make your skin look youthful and flawless. It adds a natural healthy texture by reducing the roughness.

DIY- 3 Ingredients Face Mask for Glowing Skin


Step 1: Firstly, you need to make a smooth paste of red lentils and take 1 tablespoon of that paste in a bowl.
Step 2: Next, add 1 spoon of yoghurt to the paste and mix it nicely.

DIY- 3 Ingredients Face Mask for Glowing Skin1

Step 3: Now, add 1 small spoon of Red Sandalwood powder into the bowl and mix all those ingredients well.

DIY- 3 Ingredients Face Mask for Glowing Skin2

Step 4: Your 3 Ingredients face mask is ready.

DIY- 3 Ingredients Face Mask for Glowing Skin3

Step 5: Apply a thick layer of this mask on your face and leave it for about 15-20 minutes and then, rinse it off with normal water.

DIY- 3 Ingredients Face Mask for Glowing Skin4


This is a great mask for dull, rough skin as it makes your skin soft, smooth and hydrated. It adds a subtle glow and refreshing effect to your skin. Red Lentils also cleanses your skin deeply and makes it clear. Here, I used yoghurt as it provides that desire moisturization to the skin and helps in reducing the rough texture. Sandalwood also works on various skin problems and treats your skin well. It feels very nice on the skin and doesn’t make your skin oily too. This face mask suits well for all skin types. My skin looks healthy and bright with an instant glow. I hope you like this face mask.

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