DIY – 5 Different Types of Kajal You Can Make at Home

Hope you all are doing well. Today, we would be talking about different types of kajal you can make at home. Girls are generally divided into two categories – girls with kajal and girls without kajal. So, if you are a kajal lover, then you have landed at the best place. I’m obsessed with kajal, and love my eyes with heavy kajal, around the borders. It benefits my eyes in several ways and makes it look attractive as well. There are different brands of kajal available in the market and if you are someone who is never satisfied with other brands, here is how to make kajal at home.

DIY – 5 Different Types of Kajal You Can Make at Home 3

You need few things to make Kajal at home. Try them out here.

1. Charcoal Kajal

You will need:
• Activated charcoal capsules
• Coconut oil

You need to empty the charcoal capsules in an empty vessel. Make sure the vessel is sterilised, so that it does not affect your skin in any way. Now add some coconut oil and mix it using a Q-tip. About the amount of coconut oil, there is no specific quantity to do that, you can add according to your preference so that the charcoal converts into a paste. Don’t add 2-3 drops of coconut oil, but make sure charcoal is not dry. Blend it properly using the Q-tip and apply using the Q-tip.

DIY – 5 Different Types of Kajal You Can Make at Home 2

2. Almond Kajal:

You will need:
• Almond.
• Metal Skewer.
• Metal spoon.
• Candle.

Light a candle and hold almond near the flame until you feel the heat. Hold the spoon in an inverted position above the almond, so that it will collect the soot. Allow the almond to burn for some time and you can see soot is collecting on the spoon. Now add some coconut oil to the soot and mix it using Q-tip. Almond kajal is extremely easy to make and you can use it on a daily basis.

3. Eyeshadow to Kajal:

DIY – 5 Different Types of Kajal You Can Make at Home 4

You will need:
• A powder eye shadow in a dark color (black if you want the traditional kajal look)
• Coconut oil.
Eye primer (colorless version)

Collect some eyeshadow in a pot, and make sure to crush it well. Add a little of the eye primer according to the consistency required. Now mix both the ingredients well with Q-tip and add some coconut oil and mix them well once again. Most of them prefer using gray or brown color eye shadow to create a similar color kajal.

4. Revamped Kajal:

DIY – 5 Different Types of Kajal You Can Make at Home

You will need:
• A kohl/eyeliner pencil
• A candle

Method :
Most of the people throw away kajal or kohl because it is not dark according to their preference. Using your old kajal can help to make a new kajal and work as great as new one. Simply light the candle, and then hold the eyeliner or kohl on the flame. Hold the pencil for seconds or two and allow the kajal to cool down. Before you proceed to apply on the eyes, make sure you the kajal cooldown completely.

5. Traditional Kajal:

You will need:
• Brass or copper plate.
• Two big bowls of the same height.
• Diya.
• Ghee.
• Cotton wick. (make sure it’s pure cotton)

You need to fill the diya with pure ghee and place a wick in it. Now place the bowl on either side of the diya and light it up. Place the plate (inverted) over the flame, using the bowls as a stand. Make sure there is enough space between the flame and the plate so that the plate does not put off the flame. Allow the diya to use all the ghee and burn completely. Once the ghee is used, remove the plate carefully as it will be extremely hot. Now scrape out the soot or kajal collected on the plate and store it in a clean pot. Now add some ghee to the kajal so that it does not dry. Now your homemade kajal is ready to be used.

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