DIY Banana Hair Conditioning Mask for Soft Hair

Hello friends,

Wish you all a happy Diwali. Hope you guys are enjoying the festive season and on my side, I am enjoying as well. We are having a bash here! However, today we would be talking about banana hair conditioner, which helps to give you smooth and soft hair. Banana contains high amount of minerals, potassium and fibre, which helps to strengthen your scalp, maintain the hydration and also give you smooth hair. Instead of using artificial conditioners, you can opt for this, as this is one of the best hair masks.




• One banana
• ½ – 1 spoon Gram flour
• Honey
• Lemon


• Take one banana and slice it into pieces.


• Now add some gram flour to the slices of banana.


• Now add few drops of lemon to the banana mixture and mix it properly.


• Finally add some drops of honey until it gets a smooth consistency.


• Now mix all the ingredients together and make sure you get a thick hair mask.


• Apply on your scalp and wait for 20 minutes.

• Wash off with lukewarm water.


Benefits of banana hair conditioning mask:

• It helps to treat extremely dry scalp.
• Conditions your hair.
• Moisturizes and keeps your hair healthy.
• Maintains the pH level on the scalp.
• Prevents hair fall.

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