DIY Beauty Potion – Skin Serum for Those Lazy Days!

Hello all!
Are you guys liking the weather? Mumbai’s weather is so pleasant and I’m really loving the chill in the air. I almost don’t want to get up from my cozy bed and do anything! And with this cold weather, I really become a lazy bum and tend to skip my night routine. So I made this serum, to take care of my skin on lazy days. Let’s get started!

serum in a beaker


1. Rose water (3 tsp)
2. Aloe Vera gel (1/2 tsp)
3. Olive oil (1/2 tsp)
4. Glycerine (1/2 tsp)

step 1
1. Mix the aloe gel with glycerine to form a smooth paste.

step 2
2. Then add olive oil or almond oil and finally add rose water.

step 3

serum ready
3. Store it in a small container and use it whenever you feel like.

1. You can use jojoba/almond/coconut oil instead of olive oil, like I did.
2. If you have rose oil, then by all means add a few drops of it too!
3. Don’t skip on the glycerine and aloe Vera gel though. You could use either store-bought aloe vera gel or freshly extracted one from the plant. I used Patanjali’s aloe vera gel because I really like it!
4. The amount of the ingredients is just an approximate value. If you have dry skin, add some more drops of the oil.


Usage: Take a pea sized amount of the serum and massage in upward motion on the skin for a minute or two. Use every day or on alternative days. Massage your neck and face in upward motions.

Advantages of this serum:
1. Quick absorbing.
2. Light weight.
3. Gives you a nice glow.
4. Rose water refreshes your skin.
5. The oil moisturises your skin.
6. Skin feels really soft after you use it.
7. Free of chemicals.
8. You get to customise it!

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